Black Max Pro Legs Set

Our battery model, lightweight and powerful for the ultimate portability for home, outdoors and air travel.

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There are additional cuffs options such as arm, torso and hip & glute and pants cuff for a more comprehensive treatment at home or anywhere.

All cuffs under the Black Max Pro series connect to the Black Max Pro Control Unit.

Black Max Pro is also upgradable to a DUO capability, which means 2 people can share 1 control unit at the same time. This is perfect for sports teams, clubs and families.

Increases circulation, accelerates removal of metabolic waste and the delivery of fresh nutrients for faster muscle repair and gains from training,
Can be used pre-workout as an effective warmup, and post workout to help muscles recover, heal and improve faster than rest or massage.
Relieves swelling caused by conditions such as DVT, diabetes and Lymphoma. (consult your physician first)
Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT ) Prevention


or 3 payments of $679.88 or lower in 6 or 12 payments with

Control Unit Digital touch panel operation with large LED display, slick quick lock connector for easy cuffs attachment
Control Unit Size ( L x W x H ) 220 x 140 x 90mm
Control Unit Weight 1.6kg
Carry Bag Size (L x W x H) 370 x 250 x 160mm
Total Weight 4kg (including control unit, leg cuffs and carry bag)
No. of Treatment Mode 4 modes (Mode A: Peristaltic & Mode B: Sequential & Mode C: Pulse & Mode D: Intense)
Treatment Timer Option 5 to 99 minutes
Pressure Range 30 – 240 mmHg
No. of Pressure Intensity Level 16
No. of Air Chambers 6 (for more precise treatment)
Zone Control Yes, with customizable zone setting – deactivation of individual air chamber for optimal comfort or targeted treatment
Cuffs Specially designed air chambers to provide an adaptive and conforming fit for more effective result.
Cuffs use high density and durable thermoplastic urethane (TPU) material, medical grade and it’s wipeable.

PRODUCT INCLUDES 1 x Digital Control Unit
1 x a pair of full-length Leg Cuffs
1 x Universal Charger (dual voltage)
1 x Carry Bag

Power Adaptor Input 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.8A
Power Adaptor Output 12.6V/ 2.0A
Power Consumption 35W
Input Voltage “Auto-switching universal
(110 – 240V), 50/60Hz”
Output 12.6V/ 2.0A

Battery Type Lithium Ion
Operation Time 3 to 4 hours (depending on pressure)
Charging Time 2 to 4 hours
Battery Life 400 cycles (charge & use)
Watt-Hour Rating 5,000mAh, 55.5Wh

Control Unit 1 Years
Battery 1 Year
All Cuffs 1 Year
Extended Warranty Coverage Yes, additional 1 year at SGD600

SIZE AVAILABLE Standard Size – Length 86cm x Width 70cm (fits all height)

Zip Expander is available for a extra wider fit, adding 10cm to the circumference.

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES Optional accessories are available at additional costs:
Arm, Torso, Hip & Glute and Pants Cuffs
DUO Connector
Extended Warranty