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Black Max Quatro Legs Set

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Reviews from our customers

  • Matt Winter Integrative Physio

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  • Was having a tough time looking for a reliable solution to aid my recovery from my triathlon training sessions. It wasn’t until I spoke with Michael and was introduced to the recovery system that I had a better understanding of how to add science to recovery. With the biomat and compression system from recovery system, it aided me to recover faster and rest better. This helped add an additional element to pursuing my goals in the Ironman and half Ironman races! Thanks team for the support and know how.

    Tim Neo

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  • I’ve had the recovery boots for years and they’ve made a huge difference, not just to recover but for all around prep and being ready. The help they provide for multiple days of action is immense.

    I recently picked up a bio mat and that might have had an even bigger impact! The recovery enhancement and sleep assistance it provides feels almost instant; after any session it assists getting back to your best straight away. I’m blown away by it, having been skeptical at first!

    Loving the work of Recovery Systems Sport, keep it up!

    Sam Gibbons

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  • One of the best recovery systems. ????????????

    Thanks to Michael.I just had my chondroplasty surgery on my knee at 10th June 2021 After my surgery I’m using compression system my swelling reduce a lot 80 percent within 2 weeks.As One of the best recovery systems.Thanks to Michael As sports Therapy is very important and educate my clients too.So I bought leg compression plus hip and glutes.It will definitely help my clients thanks to Michael

    Therapy is very important and educate my clients too.So I bought leg compression plus hip and glutes.It will definitely help my clients thanks to Michael

    Aylwin sports Therapy

    Aylwin A

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  • Love the product, love the service and on-going support.
    I use the full length cuff with my legs elevated. I find it helps warm me up before a hard session on the bike or track and helps me recover faster post session. Whenever I take them to an event, people are lining up at my door to use them.

    Jade Dyson

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  • Sept 2021 – Just tried the new MAT – absolutely love it! Can’t wait to use it every day and enjoy the benefits. The products at Recovery Systems are great, but what is more important to us is that we

    TRUST the team at RS – Michael and Gladys. Thanks guys!! Another great product!

    2019 – The BOOTS – A great product with excellent service. The team were able to answer all our questions very promptly as we got started with the product. The product really does aid in recovery, it’s my Best Friend after a long run! Even our kids use it after achy Soccer trainings. Thanks recovery systems!

    Lianne Shaw

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  • Great product and customer service. Michael is very approachable and was more than happy to help with replacing parts under warranty when the battery played up.

    If you’re an athlete or on your feet a lot I cannot recommend Recovery Systems enough. You will feel the difference straight away.

    Thank you!

    Sarah Jane Kaiser

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  • The recovery systems product is one that far exceeded my expectations. It has become part of my daily ritual and allows me to prioritise and focus on recovery even when I am time poor, allowing me to train harder as an athlete in return. If you’re serious about progressing in your sport this is a must buy!

    Jessie Montague

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  • Its about maximising your potential.

    Having been a Triathlete at the highest levels, run Triathlon New Zealand’s Youth and Coaching programs and owned some of Singapore largest coaching companies including Racers’ Toolbox (Now called Coached) and also Tri Edge Team, I can authoritatively say, the Recovery Systems compression boots are the world leaders in compression recovery!

    Exercise is only as good as your recovery. However most people are only focused on training harder.

    It’s time to get smarter. This equipment is not a good to have, its a must have if you are serious about being the best athlete you can be.

    Scott Larsen

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  • As a podiatrist, coach and athlete, who works extremely closely with patients and athletes from all walks of life, I can highly recommend recovery systems. For the better part of the last 15 years, I have avoided recommending my patients buy pneumatic compression machines purely because of the costs associated with them. Traditionally, machines have started at an entry price of 3k or more and the options limited and degree of compression quite low. Instead, we have had patients present to the clinic for treatment which is costly, timely and unsustainable.

    Now that recovery systems has come on to the market, I frequently and only recommend recovery systems. Not only is it affordable, but recovery systems comes with a range of attachments for both the upper limbs, body and lower limbs and it can feed 2 compression garments simultaneously. This makes it ideal for my athletes.

    In our athletes, we use pneumatic compression therapy to improve their venous circulation in their upper or lower limbs after a training session or competition to help reduce inflammatory mediators and the accumulation of static metabolic waste build up. We use it in our clinics on patients with chronic venous ulcerations, post surgery to improve the rehabilitation process, to treat oedema, DVT, Pulmonary Embolism, post lymphadenectomy and for ongoing care for lymphoedema.

    Lymphoedema makes up the majority of the cases we treat as it exposes the affected area to an ongoing inflammatory process that, if untreated, can progress to skin fibrosis, adipose tissue accumulation, and further accumulation of fluid, causing disfiguring swelling, disability, and infections such as cellulitis. Numerous studies show that early treatment in the initial stages, can prevent and avoid the permanent swelling due to adipose tissue accumulation, as well as fibrotic skin changes and cellulitis.

    Mathew Herd – Myfootdr

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  • What an outstanding experience! Superb product, that really helps with recovery and feeling the gains. Amazing customer service and support – no other brand or company has come close – Recovery Systems have the set the bar extremely high! A truly passionate team that genuinely care about their customers, thank you.

    Jimi James

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  • It definitely helps with my recovery. The compression leg sleeves helps a ton after leg day and the infraed, i used it when I sustained a grade 1 tear in my pecs

    Myren Fu – higher performance gym

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  • Excellent product for recovery. Legs feel lighter and fresher. Use it every now and then to replace my regular foot massage too ????

    Woo Kiat Tan

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  • Extremely prompt quality service with a quality product. Boost recovery to train at a higher quality daily. I have also used when injured to mitigate swelling with the addition of soft ice packs

    Todd Gilmore

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  • great product!! i own the black max since 2017 and it works well on going, recommend 5 stars

    Chaidir Akbar

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  • Very easy and convenient to use, and good for promoting blood flow and recovery

    Wyndus Koh

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Black Max Quatro is Our Latest battery model, lightweight and powerful for the ultimate portability for home, outdoors and air travel. Quatro is a full powered, full feature budget down version our Black Max Pro, it is the same pressure and same number of recovery modes (4) with the major differences being  4 overlapping chambers vs 6 in the pro and a 2 hour battery life vs 4 hours.

There are additional arm cuff options such as arms, treatment at home or anywhere.

Increases circulation, accelerates removal of metabolic waste and the delivery of fresh nutrients for faster muscle repair and gains from training,
Can be used pre-workout as an effective warmup, and post workout to help muscles recover, heal and improve faster than rest or massage.
Relieves swelling caused by conditions such as DVT, diabetes and Lymphoma. (consult your physician first)
Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT ) Prevention

Recovery Systems