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Super Boots – Equine leg compression pumps – Spring Sale on Now !


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  • My horse got lymphangitis about 2 months ago. We did so much research on how to help her and we found recovery systems horse compression boots! Not only is their customer service amazing but the boots are as well! She almost has a normal looking leg again! Thank you Recovery Systems for creating such a great machine to help our horses thrive! Pics attached are before and after!

    Dominique Wright

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The Super Boots Equine leg compression pumps represent a significant advancement in equine care. It harnesses the power of intermittent compression technology to enhance horses’ warm-up, recovery, rehab, and transportation comfort.

Super boot’s innovative approach accelerates recovery compared to traditional methods and offers a convenient solution for faster warmup, rehabilitation, and relaxation during transport.

The battery-powered design ensures that the boots are suitable for use in various settings, including indoor and outdoor environments, providing flexibility for equestrian caretakers.

Including a water-resistant protector bag and a high-quality carrying case further add to the product’s portability and durability. Additionally, the adjustable leg wraps with Velcro fastening are thoughtfully designed to fit snugly around the horse’s legs, allowing for application on either the front or hind legs. Thus, they offer a versatile and effective tool for your horse’s care.

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