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Compact Recovery. Huge Results.

Meet the Atom Compression Calf Pump, the ultimate portable recovery system with an in-built battery and three modes designed for warm-up, recovery, and massage. With four adjustable pressure levels, it boosts blood flow, relieves muscle aches, and gets you back in the game faster. Simply the Best air compression calf massager.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Battery: Power your recovery on the go.
  • Custom Recovery: Choose from three modes and four pressure levels.
  • Versatile Use: Effective on calves or arms.
  • Unmatched Performance: Strongest pressure in its class.
  • Colour my Recovery – available in Black or Pink


  • Relieves muscle soreness and speeds recovery.
  • Improves circulation and boosts performance.
  • Delivers fresher legs, faster.

Recharge your recovery with the Atom Compression Calf Air Compression Sleeve & Pump – anytime, anywhere.

Reviews from our customers

  • Every session on the Qi Mat melts away all my daily tension and aches. The Atom makes my legs feel stronger after each session on Mode 2. After-sales service is responsive and helpful.
    Thank you, Recovery Systems for introducing these wonderful products into my life!

    Joey Tong

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  • My first experience was superb and amazing ???? after 10-15mins of recovering with recovery system. My legs were so light as I returned back on the field for rugby games with more power and agility. Since then, I keep coming back to put on the sleeves for my pre and post games. You should try it to believe it! No regrets 🙂

    Manisah Buang

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  • Been using recoverysystems for almost 2 years. Super good for my family and I. For me I used it before and after each run or ride or even SUP. Helps with optimal recovery and faster recovery for races the next day. Faster gains and boost each time I used them especially after my long hours of shift since I’m a healthcare profession.

    Si Jia Chen

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  • Amazing boots! Thanks Michael!!! My 87 year old Mum’s swelling went down in 2 days after using the boots. No medication needed. I also use the boots daily for warming up and cooling down before and after working out, better sleep and promoting blood circulation. I think it also prevents varicose veins.

    Cypress pointy

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  • Excellent products. Have both the boots and the mat. Love them both

    Chris Davis

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  • Got to know Mike through a random golf game and am instantly impressed by his knowledge! Without much hesitation, I committed to the black series on the very day itself. I was feeling skeptical upon receiving the product and was questioning myself “isn’t this just 2 pieces of nylon? How much can they do?” Voila! I was blown away by the result at the very first try! All the aches from the earlier golf game were gone!

    And I thought… why not try it on my mum who has been suffering from chronic leg swelling. 3-4 months of chiropractic treatment didn’t seem to help. Miraculously, she seemed to have recovered after 2 weeks of daily use and hasn’t been complaining since then!

    I can never thank Mike enough for the great recommendation!

    Sean Wong

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Atom is our Calf air compression massager and is the latest innovation from Recovery Systems is designed to revolutionise how we think about recovery and performance. Drawing inspiration from the natural pumping action of the calf muscle, often referred to as the body’s second heart, the Atom is engineered to enhance this vital function. Its state-of-the-art design is tailored to support the body’s circulatory system, boosting blood flow and reducing inflammation in the lower legs.

The Atom is for athletes and anyone seeking to improve their physical well-being. Whether you’re an active sportsperson, someone who spends long hours on your feet, or a traveller looking to alleviate the discomfort of long journeys, the Atom offers a compact, powerful solution. With its easy-to-carry design, it’s a convenient companion for on-the-go recovery.

With three distinct treatment modes—Massage, Flush, and Warmup—the Atom caters to various needs, ensuring users can find the perfect setting to suit their recovery process. The Massage mode offers a gentle, relaxing experience, while the Flush mode is preferred for athletes looking to clear lactic acid post-exercise. The Warmup mode is ideal for preparing the muscles for physical activity, helping to accelerate training readiness.

Atom can also be used on your arms for warmup or recovery.

The Atom stands out in the market with its four adjustable pressure settings, accommodating all recovery requirements. Its type C rechargeable battery ensures more than two hours of uninterrupted use, making it a reliable tool for anyone’s recovery regimen. Priced accessibly, the Atom aims to bring professional-grade recovery within reach of a broader audience, emphasising Recovery Systems’ commitment to innovation and well-being. Travel friendly for all types of travel including flights, for DVT and swelling prevention. The Atom is more than just a device; it’s a partner in your journey towards optimal health and performance.


recovery systems atom

recovery systems atom

recovery systems atom
3 Recovery Modes and
4 Pressure levels

Wherever you go, you can #recoverfaster with the Recovery Systems Atom!