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Black Max Pro Pants Set

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Unlock Your Potential. One Pulse at a Time.

Where Cutting-Edge Compression Meets Ultimate Performance.

Key Features:

  • Six-Chamber Design: Maximum Power, Ultimate Precision for Rapid Recovery.
  • Industry Leading Power: Strongest Pressure in its Class.
  • Long Battery Life: Ideal for Recovery Anywhere.
  • Four Recovery Modes: A Perfect Mode for Every Need.
  • Full Lower Body Recovery: Covering all major muscles and joints from legs to hips and glutes.


  • Relieves muscle soreness and speeds recovery.
  • Improves circulation and boosts performance.
  • Ultimate lower body recovery.

Recharge your recovery with the Black Max Pro Pants Set – anytime, anywhere.

Reviews from our customers

  • I love the Recovery Systems pant set. I’ve been using them in my triathlon training for about a month now and they’ve made a huge difference to my recovery after long runs and rides. Michael has also been really helpful in answering all my questions. Would highly recommend – especially for endurance athletes!

    Andy Mullin

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  • Although it was a costly investment, it has been worth every cent. It is both helpful as a warmup and recovery tool. I got the Max Pro Pants which could hit my glutes. Glad to have made this purchase. Mike is great and very responsive to queries even after sales.

    Jasper Sim

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  • We needed something that could offer quick recovery of the legs so that we’re able to go for our daily runs with ease. A friend recommended checking Recovery Systems out as it’s his go-to product for recovery given that he’s a pro cyclist.

    We connected with Michael and went for the product demo. As I am obese, I was concerned that there will be fitting issues. =D Fortunately, it fits! Michael was really helpful in providing insights into body recovery and was also kind enough to share some tips on running training.

    We got our Black Max Pro Pants Set from that same session and have been using the pants on a DAILY basis since! For me, I’ve been using it for my pre/post runs while the husband uses it after every run and ride.

    What we really like about the pants was the 6 chambers selection and the intensity selection which can be enabled and disabled at any time. Oh! Not forgetting the price! We find that it’s reasonable amongst the other competitors in the market. Kudos to Recovery Systems!

    Nurani Hussein

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  • I purchased a system immediately after my first trial. Great recovery product whether it’s after a hard workout or just a long day on your feet. Great portability and battery life. Enjoy the parasympathetic activation and improved sleep! Mike is always happy to provide support and share info.

    Allan Ng

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  • Very helpful and detailed explanations on whats e functions n benefits of e black pants and also bio mat. Assistance will always be there when there are any doubts or queries. Delivery on tm..and service just fantastic bt most importantly my legs feel lighter and fresher aft using the black pants as it helps with my recovery and also improves my sleep which is very important part of recovery too ..

    Zanna Yahya

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  • I have been a fan of Mike and Recovery Systems since 2016. Having recently just upgraded to their new system I can honestly say the company has really outdone itself in its innovations and ever more ease of use and transportability. Mike also is a fantastic advocate for the entire product line and really appreciate the personal touch of explaining the several benefits of the products as well as tips for timing and duration of use to really see optimal results. Highly recommend for fellow athletes of all levels who want to recover both faster and smarter to achieve their personal fitness goals!

    James Guardino

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  • Recovery pants are my essential go-to for recovery in between training sessions, to support faster recovery. I’ve been using RS for 5 years now, just upgraded to the newest version, can’t speak more highly of their products and the team at RS – so knowledgeable and service oriented

    Natasha Prasad

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The Black Max Pro air compression pants are a versatile and innovative solution for comprehensive muscle treatment for those seeking maximum recovery from one device.  Their lightweight, portable battery model ensures they can be used at home, outdoors, or while travelling by air, making them ideal choices for those who need therapy on the go.

The full-length pants cuff, spanning from foot to waist, provides a comprehensive treatment for the legs and key muscle groups. It targets the legs, upper quads, groin, hips, and glutes, making it an ideal choice for individuals weighing 60kg and above.

This adaptability and user-friendly design have contributed to the popularity of Black Max Pro pneumatic compression pants in the Australian, New Zealand, USA, and European markets.