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Our Customer’s Stories…

courtney duncan 293

“Moto Cross is a tough sport on your body, I’m so glad to have my Recovery Systems Black Max Pro arms and legs to give me faster healing and recovery daily from the sport I love.”

suzie walsham 293

“I am really enjoying jumping into the boots in the mornings after training and they are helping to reduce any soreness/recovery time.”

lima sopoaga 293

“Every player at the highest level of professional sports is always looking for an edge or for a 1% gain. It’s the accumulation of all those 1 percenters that might get you over the line each week. I believe recovery systems fits that perfectly. In playing rugby, your body is being pushed to its limits week in week out, so to have such a quality recovery system to aid in speeding that recovery up and helping me to feel fresh for the weekend is invaluable.”

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emma oldager 293

“Swim Training twice a day and school work place a lot of demands on my energy and I’m really great full to have discovered Recovery Systems. I use Recovery Systems at least once a day, most days and it speeds up my recovery and gets me ready to go again. I particularly love the hip and glute cuff and I share this along with the legs and mini with other members of my family.”

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jessie montague 293

“I’ve been using Recovery Systems for around a year now and they have become an integral part part of my daily warmup and recovery routine. I find that using them before a workout allows me to achieve my full potential and I definately recovery faster, especially from those big obstacle focused sessions. I have gone from being constantly plagued by niggles and small injuries to being able to consistently train hard and, of course, recover harder, increasing the quality of my training alongside the quality of my recovery. Sitting and eating my dinner in them each evening has become one of my favourite ways to unwind!”

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kath haesner 293

“I have been using Recovery System’s Compression Therapy Boots for about 2 months. I have used the full-length compression boots pre and post race, as well as in between training sessions. My legs have never felt fresher! As a professional Triathlete, my legs take a hammering. Incorporating this type of recovery into my training routine really combats muscle fatigue. Mastering the fourth discipline of triathlon suddenly got easier. These boots are a godsend! I can absolutely recommend this system to everybody. It has definitely helped me gain a competitive edge and it can help you too, no matter what sport you participate in.”

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alan grant 293

“I’ve always been a bit skeptical about recovery products, having never really felt any tangible benefits from wearing compression tights or socks. But after one of my similarly aged teammates told me he’d bought a set of the Recovery Systems compression equipment after being blown away by the instant benefit he felt after a trial, I was intrigued to try them myself. I can only say that I too was an instant convert. After just 30 minutes in the blue compression leggings following a hard, four-hour Saturday morning training ride, my legs felt less fatigued as soon as I stood up. And more importantly, when I climbed on the bike the next morning for another tough set, my legs felt much fresher than they normally would 24 hours after a punishing hit out. I now have the RS leggings and compressor at home and use it regularly. I’m convinced it makes a big difference.”

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mhd fazzboi 293

“Recovery Systems’ Blue Max and the portable Mini Max have been a game changer for me in speeding up my recovery and gains from training. RS has also been my Top secret warm up tool pre-ride also. Aside from training recovery, I really appreciate how RS helps me bounce back faster in order to balance business and family life also. I always get a Brand New Sets of Legs every time I am on Recovery System.”

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saleh 293

“The Recovery System has changed how I feel each morning after my big sessions. I wake up fresher after spending 30 minutes with my trusted sleeves each night. Heavy legs that I used to feel after two sessions are now not that thanks to this recovery system. I take it with me when I travel to races now too and sit in the day before my race. After a race, it helps to flush out the lactic acid built up in my legs and helps me get my groove back. I am on my feet a lot at work too and always use it after a long day at work. This shows the product is something we can use outside sports too and has benefits to my daily life too!”

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jen macapagal 293

“I made a good decision investing in a mini-max recovery system. I was able to train more and surprisingly better as my legs recovered faster than they used to be. I also got a PB from my recent 70.3, and I’d say the mini-max contributed a lot to it!”

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alan bradley 293

“Being able to back up my training day after day was critical – I give much of the credit for being able to do this to a training regime that involved the use of “RECOVERY SYSTEMS” after each and every ride. Using this regime meant that fatigue was never an issue, either during training or the race itself. This is the second RAAM campaign for me – being able to finish this race with no leg fatigue is testament to both my training and the benefits of RS. My legs felt so good that I backed up with a training ride the morning after the race finished! Recovery Systems will now remain part of my regime as I commence training for my solo RAAM campaign in 2019! Thanks Michael Lyons for your support and hope that you will get behind my next RAAM solo campaign!”

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shereen deppe 293

“Living in Singapore with extreme humidity and frequently flying to various business operations often leaves my ankles swollen with water. I use the full-length compression boots to help reduce the swelling and water retention which makes my legs feel less heavy and refreshes them in time for my next race or training session. It seems to have assisted with my newly developed Plantar Fasclitis, easing the pain. I use the compression boots on non-training days as to improve general circulation and relieve any built up stress that I may feel in my legs from standing/walking. I recommend the boots to athletes and non-athletes.”

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wooi keat tan 293

“This is no ordinary piece of recovery equipment. It’s a state of the art ‘Recovery Systems’ that will up your game! I use it everyday to flush out the metabolic waste from the abuse of my training to keep my legs fresher, lighter and stronger! Highly recommended.”

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amelia rose whatkins 293

“I have been using recovery systems for a few months now and I must say that it has helped me tremendously in my training and racing. I am able to recover more efficiently and always ready to go again. The best thing about recovery systems is that it is portable. This advantage allows me to take the system to every overseas race that I have and not worry about heavy or lactic legs before and after races. Recovery had never been more convenient.”

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bryce chong 293

“I have been using recovery systems for a few months now and I must say that it has helped me tremendously in my training and racing. I am able to recover more efficiently and always ready to go again. The best thing about recovery systems is that it is portable. This advantage allows me to take the system to every overseas race that I have and not worry about heavy or lactic legs before and after races. Recovery had never been more convenient.”

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Medical Customers

barbara 293

“In my recent trip to Europe from New Zealand involveing long hours on planes and buses, my lower legs swelled with blood pooling in my ankles and rashes on my legs. I caught up with Michael at Recovery Systems and he fitted me with pressure sleeves for my legs. WOW – instant relief! Only 2 – 3 half hour sessions and the swelling came down. I am currently doing 1 hour/day day and I am pleased that the swelling is easing. My first surgery is 7 October, I will be pleased to start using Recovery Systems again ASAP after surgery because there are a number of pressure levels I am sure I will be able to use it to aid my recovery.”

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sarvinda s chopra 293

“Recovery Systems has truly helped me to keep my swelling down and assist in the blood flow, I use it twice a day, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening, all this done while relaxing and watching TV.”

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chuck herman 293

 “Hi Michael, just a note to say how happy I am with the Black Max Pro set up. The range of pressure and options of treatment variations are perfect to support my physicians’ recommendation for my long term treatment of my DVT and is fantastic for regular recovery after my tennis or running training. The battery feature allows me to be totally mobile with it whether to the balcony or on a plane and the multi-voltage 110-220 is critical for Captain America! All the best.”

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sharon sum 293

“As a private flight attendant, we are constantly on our feet during long flights. The Recovery Systems are compact and easy to carry during my travels. I look forward to using it each time after my flights. It helps subsides swelling and a major relief to my legs after standing for a long period of time in my heels. Highly recommend all flight crews to use this amazing product! It has all the right ticks! Reduces swelling; Relief of sore legs and; Compact package that is EASY to travel with. Thank you Michael, Gladys and the whole team at Recovery Systems!”

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“Hi thanks for the FB Live Session – Recovery the myths, methods and marginal gains. I have been using them since I gave PM a set for our wedding anniversary.

I had a heart transplant 3.5 years ago and did a lot of endurance events before things went bad following Heart attack in 2015. In the time I have been using the system I have improved my FTP by 10% and have had a significant reduction in swelling in my lower legs and ankles. I suffer a variety of side effects from drugs and impact of end stage heart failure damage to other organs e.g. kidneys and nerve damage and muscle loss.

The system is helping me exercise better and have a higher output which hopefully will reverse some of the damage that has been done. Thanks a heap”

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