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  • Fresher,Faster,Better

    Recovery Systems Supercharges Recovery by using air compression

    to increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body´s

    eliminate metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of

    recovery, massage or rest alone.

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  • Recovery Systems ambassador Amelia Rose Watkinson wins Bintan70.3
    Slide 2 Amelia Rose Watkinson gets Fresher Faster Better with Recovery Systems
  • Recovery Systems Supported athlete Braden Currie Wins Ironman Santa Cruz !
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  • Ready To Go Again
    Ready To Go Again
  • Recovery Systems Powers Results !
    Recovery Systems Powers Results !
  • Multi Tasking Recovery
    Christy at Sea Games 2017

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RS002 digital controller

See How Our Products Help to Recover From Injury


Conditions We Treat


Edema - for faster recovery from training and competition


Deep Vein Thrombosis


Lymphatic disorders, 


Circulatory disorders

Welcome to Recovery Systems

Recovery Systems is built on 30 years MNC and Medical experience as well as our teams experience in endurance sports as athletes and coaches.  We built this business with your wellness in mind whether it be for Recovery from Sports or medical recovery. Our Goals is to have you Fresher, Faster, Better.

"Michael Lyons, CEO Recovery Systems.