compression recovery boots

Welcome to Recovery Systems, where we specialise in the design of compression recovery boots & machines along with the development/marketing of general medical devices.

And we’ve been doing it for 30 years.

We’re all about helping you achieve those gains. If you hail from an endurance sports, athlete management, coaching or competition background; then you’re in luck.

Leveraging on three decades worth of experience, we bring you nothing but the best. With Recovery Systems, you can leave the recovery to us; meaning you’ll have even more time to invest in your training.

Learn more about the Recovery Systems experience and discover how it can benefit you, right here.

Founder and CEO,
Michael Lyons

warmpup and recovery

Accelerate your warmup - 8 mins on the leg recovery system increased Muscle Oxygen above what it would normally take 30 to 40 minutes of running or riding to reach recovery faster – 20 to 30 minutes on Recovery Systems increases blood flow and accelerates healing, recovery and gains faster that massage, guns or other methods.

Convenient and repeatable - Taking less than 1 minute to begin, recovery faster anytime, anyplace.

Ice therapy 3-01

For Trauma injuries: combine a cooling pad inside the cuff with a gentle pressure level to help control bruising and pain relief to get you back to sport faster.

BMPro Travel

Overcome travel fatigue, even during a long flight so you can deliver your best on race day.

Sleep Relax Unwind-01

Better sleep is the Gold Standard for Recovery - Many people fall asleep when using Recovery Systems due to the parasympathetic system activating to heal and reset the nervous system.

What a great way to chill, recover and bring on the gains.



BLACK MAX PRO is specially designed for both athletes recovery and home health care purposes.

Institutional Clients