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FAQ’s and Tips

How to use – suggested recovery protocols (please refer to our disclaimer also)

Endurance Athletes (with no medical indications)

  • Short session (e.g. 90 min swim, 60 min run, 90 min easy cycle = 20-30 min recovery on mode B (sequential)
  • Run of 90 min or shorter interval session, >90 min hard or hilly bike, 2-hour swim = 40 to 60 mins recovery on Mode B (sequential)
  • 1 session a day is good, 2 sessions a day for those under heavy training load will enhance recovery, the last session before bed is likely to improve sleep quality also.
  • Weekends are a great time for 60 min recovery sessions.
  • Warmup - 10 to 20 mins before an event, this is a great idea in cooler climates where it may be otherwise difficult.
  • A great compliment to the Recovery Systems leg cuffs is our Techniche cooling vest (coming soon)
  • Pressure recommendations – higher pressure isn’t necessarily better, blood volume varies based on the size of the person and other factors, you should never be uncomfortable with the leg cuffs, 140 – 180 mmhg should be comfortable for most. Arm and waist cuffs should be no more than 120 mmhg. These are Guidelines only, please refer to your medical practitioner for confirmation.
  • Waist Cuffs should be fitted loosely at first with at least 6cm gap to allow room for inflation, cuff should inflate from lower parts of the body first and then move up. Don’t exceed 120 mmhg.
  • Feet – some folks, (particularly those with broader feet) occasionally feel discomfort in the foot area,
    • Firstly make sure your feet are not protruding outside the cuff
    • If discomfort persists, suggest either turning zone 1 off (by pressing the corresponding zone on the control panel) or Select Mode A (Peristaltic) for treatment, both methods will still result in effective treatment.
  • Pump Zone control – the cuffs are segmented into 4 zones, for most treatments, all zones will be on however each zone can be independently turned off to allow more time to be spent on problem areas.
  • Please contact us with any other questions.

Medical Customers

  • Conditions and use may vary from case to case, please follow your medical practitioner’s guidelines.