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Health Benefits of Negative Ion Mats

Negative Ions and their Health benefits

Ever gone to a beach? Remember how you closed your eyes, and all seemed well with the world? What about your last climb on a mountain and the adventure to a fall? Remember the tranquillity? It is not a coincidence that there are negative ions at work! Apart from the slow-down and relaxation you get from getting away from your routine, negative ions on the beach and mountains make you feel good. Nature is an excellent energy source. Naturally occurring elements (like water, air, sunlight, radiation from the earth) produce invisible negative ions that help improve your health and all-around wellness.

What are negative ions, and what are their benefits?

An atom or molecule which loses or gains one or more electrons are referred to as an ion. Ions electrically charge a neutral atom or molecule. Positive ions occur in atoms and molecules that have lost one or more electrons, while negative ions occur in atoms and molecules that have gained one or more electrons. An example of a negative ion is an oxygen molecule O2 that has gained one more electron to form O2.

The air that we breathe has a balance between positive and negative ions. However, in natural spaces like the beach, waterfalls, mountains, the extra rush of water and air releases free electrons that bind to the oxygen in the air and create negative oxygen ions. Other sources of negative ions include thunderstorms. A shower is an artificial source of negative ions, as the colliding of water particles during a heavy stream produces extra electrons that bind with the air. Negative ions produce calm and refresh the body and mind.

Technology, noise, artificial light, clutter, waste, smoke, and many other things reduce negative ions in the air. When negative ions are reduced, positive ions take root. Unlike negative ions, positive ions are harmful and toxic to our bodies. Positive ions in the air spread diseases, airborne viruses. Most of our living and working spaces do not have sufficient negative ions, so positive ions are prevalent. Positive ions cause headaches, migraines, stress, inability to relax, and a general decrease in energy and mood.

There are many tremendous health benefits of negative ions, some of which are.

  • Cleans the air– Positive ions in the environment cause pollution and contaminate the air. Negative ions bind to positive ions in the air to neutralize their effect and clear the air. There is also a decrease in toxic components, dust, smoke, pollen, and airborne diseases with negative ions. Clean and fresh air reduces your chances of contracting an airborne illness, as well as improves your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Aids breathing- The cilia in our trachea function to filter out foreign particles and airborne diseases from the lungs. Negative ions assist the cilia by filtering out the foreign particles before it gets to the cilia. The less work the cilia must do, the easier breathing is. The easier it is to breathe, the cleaner oxygen gets to the organs of the body. Symptoms like cough, sneeze, wheeze and throat irritation are eliminated. They also reduce and neutralize triggers and allergies in people with respiratory conditions like asthma. In an environment with negative ions, seasonal outbreaks like the flu are less prevalent
  • Helps with rest- The benefit of sleep on the body is critical to health. The average adult should to sleep for at least 8 hours per night. Adequate sleep and rest renew the body for daily tasks and prevents stress. Research shows Negative ions improve sleep and aid proper rest. Negative ions improve the production of serotonin, which improves the ability of the body to rest and refresh. A well-rested body is a healthy body, able to perform activities of daily living and still have enough energy for fun.
  • Improved brain functioning- Extended use of modern technology (like your phone, computer, iPad) produces electromagnetic frequencies that are dangerous for health. These frequencies are leading causes of headaches and migraines. The electromagnetic frequencies also cause mental exhaustion and reduce focus and attentiveness. Negative ions reduce the effect of electromagnetic frequencies and optimize brain functioning. Negative ions also reduce headaches and migraines. A 16-week study by the Surrey University showed up to 78% reduction in headaches when an artificial negative ionic emitting machine was installed in the Norwich Union company. Concentration, alertness, and increased performance in tasks are also seen in environments with sufficient negative ions. Negative ions also increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, improving fast reasoning and enabling problem-solving skills. The use of negative ion emitters in hospitals increases the healing rate in patients with brain conditions and improves cognitive functioning in other patients. The all-around effect of negative ions improves brain functioning.
  • Improve physical functioning- Negative ions increase blood oxygenation in the body and aid the distribution of oxygen to different organs. An adequate supply of oxygen to parts of the body like the brain and muscles improves the body’s physical functioning. Studies show that negative ions also increase the body’s tolerance for exercise and aids physical performance without fatigue. Negative ions also reduce illness and stress that affect physical functioning.
    Other health benefits include a positive mood and a happy state of mind.

The benefits of negative ion mats are instantaneous and immediately bring relief. The relaxing effect is like no other. So, visit nature, sit by a beach, climb a mountain, and take a trip to waterfalls. Inhale the air and take in as many negative ions as your body needs. When you cannot afford a break, take a shower and use artificial negative ion emitters. You are sure to feel good and healthier. Maintaining optimal health at all times and preventing illnesses is a duty you owe yourself. Take good care of your health by increasing your exposure to negative ions.

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Author: Michael Lyons

With Three Decades of tech and Meditech experience, 10,000 hours of endurance sports coaching and competing at the NZ national team level, Michael’s passion is biohacking recovery and wellness for athletes, for those with short term and long term medical conditions and healthy aging. Michael consults and partners with leading medical practitioners to provide therapy solutions for short and long term illnesses, including diabetes, DVT, Lymphedema, pre and postnatal, post-surgery, autism (ASD), PTSD, and sleep apnoea.

Michael also consults and partners with High-performance sports organisations, Three Olympic Gold medallists, two current world champions, the Rugby World cup, NZ Rugby, the Singapore Olympic team, the NZ Olympic team, Clubs and coaches.  He also teaches the recovery modules for the fitness industries personal training courses.

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