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Black Max Pro Torso Cuff

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Reviews from our customers

  • Been using Recovery System since 2017. Lately trade in my old system for the new Black Max Pro. This system is really a beast as it has actually cover more part of my legs as compared to my old system. It has 6 compartment as compared to 4. Part and parcel of my training and recovery regime after my run and biking. It really flush out my lactic acid and your leg won’t feel heavy. This has actually allow me for back to back training without much issue.

    It came with a carrier and make it very easy for me to keep it too. You will not regret to have one for yourself as you can carry it anywhere you like. Handy tools to have.

    Kim Hong Yeo

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  • The Boots are good quality and helpful for our recovery process. We used bio mat and recovery system, our sleep cycle is improved also.

    Han Ti

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  • The Recovery System has been a key ally of my trail running journey for the past 6-7 years. I will usually put on the compression boots after races, long runs and workouts and I’ve found that my recovery has been speedier as it helps decrease muscle soreness. What’s more, the air compression feels like a nice and comfortable leg massage after exercise exertion. Thanks guys for a great product!

    Wei Chong Chin

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  • Although it was a costly investment, it has been worth every cent. It is both helpful as a warmup and recovery tool. I got the Max Pro Pants which could hit my glutes. Glad to have made this purchase. Mike is great and very responsive to queries even after sales.

    Jasper Sim

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  • I’m a big fan of the Recovery Systems Boots and Biomat! The importance of recovery can’t be underestimated. Often the negative effects of training stress and fatigue is insidious, and just works away at an athlete until it crosses a threshold resulting in injury or illness.

    Getting into a routine of using the Boots and Biomat is a key component to prevent this breakdown.

    I will usually have one or two session in the boots through the day either before or after training, depending on how I feel, and a nightly session on the Biomat before bed to ensure my sleep is optimised and I’m ready to take on the next day as well as my body will allow.

    My dog loves sitting on the mat with me. He’s a very smart dog and I’m sure he recognises the positive effects of the Biomat too.

    Rob Dallimore

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  • The Black Max Pro Legs Set certainly helped me in the recovery process. Had it on after a hard 2 hours ride in the trails and it certainly help the leg muscles recover faster and be ready for the next day’s training block.

    Modes B & C are my favourite. Thanks to Michael & Gladys for equipping our team with Recovery Systems. It will certainly aid us in our preparation for the upcoming cycling races is 2022.

    Motezee Wardi

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  • I am a fan of the Recovery System’s Black Max Pro boots & Bio mats! I use the boots as a warm-up for my lower body because my sport (kettlebell) requires a lot of power generation from the lower body. I also love the bio-mat and its use of red light therapy that helps to regulate the nervous system and hence improving my sleep quality!

    Kayleigh Kho

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  • As competitive athletes my husband and I have been using Recovery Systems compression boots pre- and post- workout for over a year now and we only have good things to say! Besides the circulation and recovery benefits, the boots give a much needed, comfy massage for our tired legs post training. We genuinely feel less “tight” muscles after using the boot prior to our incline runs, strength training etc. The battery version also makes it super convenient so we can travel with it during races 🙂

    Kaity Zhu

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  • 2 years ago

    I have been using the compression boots and I must say it is AMAZING! recovery time after a hard run/ride is reduced by at least half, and I can resume training without feeling the fatigue much faster.

    Have recently bought the Qi Mat, and I must say it has been super helpful in soothing my back aches. Will observe for longer term effects in improving overall health and well being.

    Jasmin Chua

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  • Have the black max pro and has been great for recovery especially after long days riding or running. Portable unit gives a lot of flexibility for moving around.

    Beyond the device recovery systems customer service has been incredible. Very responsive and personable. Had an issue with the battery and was replaced within 24hrs.

    Scott Dunn

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  • Black Max Pro – Solid product and excellent customer service and helpful information about the product from the time it was delivered. Using for the past 3 days for recovery and feeling great after every session

    Muthu Mariappan

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  • Prompt response from Michael and his team, delivery is always on the next day to your door step. I had my 2nd purchase with them and the experience is always positive! There was once found with some defects, Michael and team did not hesitate to replace one the very next day for me without additional cost!

    Experience with their products to relief muscle aches and soreness, one which you can trust to deliver satisfaction on every use. Try it! =)

    Jack Tan

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  • Slamming my body week after week and having to jump from one option (recovery) to another, the recovery boots and arm cuffs were godsend – allowing me to go hard at it day after day, week after week. Kudos to Michael and Gladys for their prompt, and stellar after sales service

    Arun Radhakrishnan

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  • Great equipment to help with muscle recovery – used for our fighters and they use it daily to help relax and rejuvenate their muscles

    Brothers Boxing Gym

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  • A great product that helps with recovery and gains for fitness or any heavy strain put on the body, reduced aches after a short session. Can’t wait to use it after a day of skiing to remove the aches for the next day on the mountain.

    Thaddeus Newman Dennis

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  • Recovery Systems enable me to recover faster & sleep better, playing a key role in my recent wins in the Metasport Duathlon & Triathlon plus winning the Series and in qualifying for the ITU World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland.
    Recovery Systems – Faster, Longer, Stronger

    Chris Bray

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  • Great product that helps greatly in having back to back days of training. It is a very human company where every interaction feels very genuine. Mike is great when it comes to sharing his knowledge about recovery in general.

    Nic Lagier

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  • Great recovery item to use ! legs feel refreshing after using it and always feel great again for the next training ! Thanks to the great product and sure , good customer service !

    Chuah Tiong Wan

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  • Highly recommend this product & company. Really helping with my Ironman training recovery. Michael has been a terrific help and is super efficient.

    Ben Vella

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Black Max Pro Torso Cuff attaches to your existing Black Max Pro Control Unit, designed to provide active compression therapy from the waist to the upper torso including the back.

The Torso Cuff is adjustable to wrap around the waist with a velcro fastening system to ensure a good fit and is best to be used while lying flat.

It does not come with the Black Max Pro Control Unit

It has been widely used for management of spinal inflammation for sports and also for rehabilitation purposes.