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Benefits of Photon Light Therapy



What are the Benefits of Photon Light Therapy?

The applications of different medical techniques continue to evolve and one of the most intriguing applications recently has been the use of photon light therapy. Although different light wavelengths such as infrared have been used to treat autoimmune diseases and muscle tension, photon light seems to have more benefits.

Research shows that different body tissues can absorb energy from distinct wavelengths, and since photon light has a shorter wavelength, it cannot be used for the same treatment as infrared light. To properly understand the medical benefits of photon light, it is essential to understand what exactly photon light is.

What is Photon Light Therapy?

Photon Light Therapy, (AKA Red Light Therapy or RLT), is a therapeutic technique that uses red light visible to the eyes to treat different skin issues. Compared to infrared rays, photon lights have a shorter wavelength of 660 nanometers and are typically used to treat issues underneath the skin.

Essentially, the skin cells readily absorb the energy, which is then transformed into nitric oxide. This process also stimulates the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which promotes the regeneration of cells. Hence, improving the growth of healthy cells within the body. Photon Light Therapy also promotes detoxification by catalyzing the synthesis of protein and collagen in the mitochondria. Thus, supporting apoptosis (scheduled cell death) and reducing any unusual cell growth or mass.

Aside from these benefits already mentioned, other incredible benefits have been proven by different studies.

Benefits of Photon Light Therapy

With photon light therapy being a non-invasive therapeutic method, there are so many benefits that you should explore. Below are a few ways this therapy can benefit you.

Improve the Results of other Procedures

One of the many benefits of photon light therapy is that it can enhance the results of different therapeutic procedures. The energy from photon light therapy is easily absorbed by the body and can stimulate the cells better than any medication. Hence, giving you better control over toxins and other harmful agents at a molecular level.

For instance, adding photon light therapy to processes like FIR and PEMFR can give you the best results compared to doing both alone. The negative ions alongside either of the treatments will strengthen your body’s immune system to protect it from many toxins.

Help Improve Skin and Acne

The skin cells can absorb the energy of photon light quickly and easily; hence it is no surprise that photon therapy for skin is becoming popular. Many studies have reported the energy from photon light can improve the skin’s texture and complexion and reduce skin-related issues such as acne. For instance, in a study where individuals with acne vulgaris were tested with photon light therapy, about 85% showed a 50% reduction of lesions in two months.

Within this group, 20% of these individuals saw a 90% reduction in acne and after three months, 70% had all their acne disappear. 20% were unresponsive and this is an impressive treatment.

Better Wound Recovery

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Photon light therapy has also been found to improve the recovery of wounds in animals. So far, the studies have been conducted on mice and rats that are diabetic. Diabetes is a disease that usually causes wounds to heal slowly; however, research has shown that photon light speeds up the recovery process significantly. Primarily, the absorption of light by the skin cells has been reported to increase the synthesis of collagen after two months.

Collagen aids cell regeneration and is necessary for wound healing. The results that have been achieved have shown that there is a potential for photon light to help diabetic patients with wound healing in the future. However, the process is still in the works.

Helps with Symptoms of Depression

Depression and other mental health-related diseases are undoubtedly one of the most significant issues in society today. According to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), over 6% of Americans deal with depression, and these are just the diagnosed cases. Managing depression usually entails therapy sessions and some medications administered by a professional. However, there is an ongoing study of how photon light therapy might affect the brain and help in alleviating the symptoms of depression.

According to a clinical study of 10 students exposed to photon light treatment on the head for two weeks, 6 students showed a reduction of symptoms on the Hamilton Depression rating scale. Also, 7 of these 10 students showed a decrease in symptoms on the Hamilton Anxiety rating scale.

SAD also released a trial where 20 patients were treated with light therapy for 2 hours. The results showed that the green light was more effective in reducing depressive symptoms. These results depict the potential for using photon light therapy treat patients with depression and anxiety. However, the results are still inconclusive, so it is advisable always to seek help from experts if you deal with depression or other mental health issues.

Improve Minor Motor Function and Nerve Regeneration

The last but not the least benefit or potential application of photon light therapy is in restoring motor function and improving nerve regeneration. There are so many clinical studies in the works; however, one study showed an improvement in the motor function of rabbits. Photon light therapy was administered to rabbits with a stroke six hours after it yielded. The results showed an improvement and a potential for the normal motor functions of the rabbits to be explored.

Aside from the motor functions, light therapy is also being tested for nerve regeneration, especially in the spinal cord and face. Although there has not been a positive result so far, experts are optimistic it will yield soon.

Photon light therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic option that is so far valuable for the treatment of skin issues and the improvement of other healing processes. With a potential for other therapeutic purposes such as wound healing, reducing depression, nerve regeneration, and so much more, photon light therapy is worth investing in and incorporating into your therapeutic journey.

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Author: Michael Lyons

With Three Decades of tech and Meditech experience, 10,000 hours of endurance sports coaching and competing at the NZ national team level, Michael’s passion is biohacking recovery and wellness for athletes, for those with short term and long term medical conditions and healthy aging. Michael consults and partners with leading medical practitioners to provide therapy solutions for short and long term illnesses, including diabetes, DVT, Lymphedema, pre and postnatal, post-surgery, autism (ASD), PTSD, and sleep apnoea.

Michael also consults and partners with High-performance sports organisations, Three Olympic Gold medallists, two current world champions, the Rugby World cup, NZ Rugby, the Singapore Olympic team, the NZ Olympic team, Clubs and coaches.  He also teaches the recovery modules for the fitness industries personal training courses.

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