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Can Compression Recovery Enhance Your Performance?

We are thrilled to be recently featured by ExPRO Industry Insiders!

Here is the interview/feature:

Coach Mike has more than 53 years of training and recovery experience in running, cycling and swimming. Including 3 National Titles, 100’s of races and7000 hours of coaching experience.

Coach Mike is also the brand owner and CEO of Global Intermittent Compression Brand Recovery Systems.

What has been Recovery System’s most significant achievement?

Recovery Systems is a concept rather than a product line and it’s our mission to improve the health and wellness of people of all walks of life with our products and services.
We have just celebrated our 5th birthday and looking back on the last five years we could point to our highlights as being the variety of customers that use our products:

  • 3 current Olympic Gold Medalists
  • 2 Current World Champions
  • 2019 Rugby World Cup, NZ Rugby, Singapore sporting bodies such as Rugby, Swimming and Canoeing
  • Product shipped to 14 countries
  • We also supply medical practitioners and have prevented many people with diabetes from leg amputation due to using our products as a part of their treatment

These I see to be some of our greatest achievements to date.

How do recovery systems help boost performance?

Recovery Boots

Our Recovery Boots use various treatment modes to effectively mimic the body’s natural recovery, greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and waste out of the limbs after an intense workout or competition. The active compression helps move blood through the veins towards the heart. There are 2 phases, a squeeze and release phase.

The continuous squeeze phase (aka compression phase), from the lower limbs to upper limbs lasts around one minute, effectively keeping the fluid and waste moving in the right direction. Where it’s then extracted through the lymphatic system (lymphatic drainage).

The release phase lasts around 20 seconds and this promotes the natural release of substances in the body that help prevent clots. Between compressions, the recovery leg sleeves relax and oxygen-rich blood continues to flow in the arteries of the legs. Essentially, it speeds up recovery by accelerating the transport of fresh nutrients back to the muscles to speed up healing, recovery and gains.

Bio Mats

A great compliment to our compression boots, our Qi Mat series uses a combination of five recovery Modalities – PEMF, Far Infrared, Negative Ion, Hot Stones and Red Light Therapy (or Photon Light Therapy). These combinations of treatments have been proven to enhance recovery, detoxification, wound/injury healing, boost mitochondrial health, nerve regeneration and raise HGH levels naturally.

Both the Recovery Boots and Bio Mats are designed for convenience and portability for daily use. They significantly improve warm-up, recovery, rehab and sleep to turn training into faster gains.

How would compression enhance an athlete’s recovery?

There is an old saying; training makes worse; recovery makes you better. Enhancing recovery will prevent injuries, bring faster gains, and allow athletes to improve their training quality and quantity.

What is unique about Recovery System products?

Knowing that convenience and portability are key factors to encourage regular use, we designed our products to be portable, powerful, convenient and easy to use. We have some unique features built into our products.

Specific examples of this for the Recovery Boots are:

  • Twice the pressure of most on the market
  • Six overlapping chambers for smooth, concentrated pressure transition
  • Four recovery modes to cover all scenarios
  • Twice the battery capacity of others in the market
  • Duo mode – we can support the recovery of 2 people on one machine or one person with legs and arms simultaneously

Specific examples of the unique nature of the Bio Mats are:

  • Five in one treatment modalities
  • Convenient and portable for use anytime
  • Brings commercial-grade therapy into a home form factor
  • Enhances sleep quality

How can PT’s improve client results by using Recovery Systems?

One of the biggest challenges in the fitness industry is professional fitness burnout. Start improving your recovery, and this is an investment in your longevity in the profession. At the same time, allowing your clients to use the boots for warm-up and recovery is an excellent way of enhancing your professionalism and client service.

What are the benefits of Recovery Systems pre and post workout?

Bio hack the warm-up for you and your client. Just 8 minutes on the boots pre-workout, boosts muscle oxygen to a level that would otherwise require 30-40 minutes on a bike or treadmill.

Post-workout, only 20-30 minutes on the boots will significantly accelerate recovery, healing and gains in your clients results. These results can be achieved by use immediately after a workout or some time afterwards; many find before bedtime is fantastic as they promote optimal sleep too!

The Bio Mats can also be used in conjunction with the Recovery Boots to double down on your recovery or by themselves.

Author: Michael Lyons

With Three Decades of tech and Meditech experience, 10,000 hours of endurance sports coaching and competing at the NZ national team level, Michael’s passion is biohacking recovery and wellness for athletes, for those with short term and long term medical conditions and healthy aging. Michael consults and partners with leading medical practitioners to provide therapy solutions for short and long term illnesses, including diabetes, DVT, Lymphedema, pre and postnatal, post-surgery, autism (ASD), PTSD, and sleep apnoea.

Michael also consults and partners with High-performance sports organisations, Three Olympic Gold medallists, two current world champions, the Rugby World cup, NZ Rugby, the Singapore Olympic team, the NZ Olympic team, Clubs and coaches.  He also teaches the recovery modules for the fitness industries personal training courses.

Recovery Systems