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The Comparison of the Best Leg Compression Machines To Buy In 2024

Leg compression machines, also known as intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) machines, are devices that wrap around your legs and apply air pressure to improve blood circulation. These devices aid muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and provide relaxation and overall well-being.

Traditionally, these recovery systems were used in medical setups like hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, or by professional athletes. However, in recent years, leg compression devices have become widely available for personal use at home due to their potential benefits.

This article will review some of the best compression devices available in the market. Continue reading to find out about our top picks.

Our Leg Compression Machine Picks For 2024

1. Best Powerful And Versatile Full Leg Compression Device: Black Max Pro Legs

2. Dynamic Air Compression System For Your Legs: Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs

3.     Best Affordable Circulation Device With High-Pressure Range: Recovery Systems Atom

4. Luxury Compression Machine For Athletes: Therabody Recoveryair PRO

5. Leg Compression Machine For Improved Circulation: Air Relax Pro

1.    Best Powerful Leg Compression Device: Recovery Systems Black Max Pro Legs

Key features and specs

●  Compression level: Sixteen levels

●  Power source: Rechargeable

●  Battery power: 4 hours

●  Pressure range: 30 – 240 mmHg

●  Warranty: One year

●  Additional features: Touch screen control unit, four different recovery modes, customisable zone setting, and adjustable time

●  Price: USD 899

Recovery Systems is a Singapore-based health and wellness company that offers effective and affordable recovery solutions for athletes, healthy ageing, clinics, or anyone who suffers from poor blood circulation. Their recovery products range from compression boots and sleeves to PEMF biomats. The recovery system black Max Pro legs set is a powerful compression device that improves circulation, enhances muscle recovery, and accelerates the removal of metabolic waste and recovery gains. This model comprises a digital control unit with a large LED display and full-length leg cuffs that inflate and deflate with air pressure to massage the limbs. There are a variety of cuffs for the treatment of different parts of the body. The cuffs are designed with durable medical grade material that offers adaptive and confirming fit for effective results.

The Black Max Pro is designed with six overlapping zones to keep the pressure consistent throughout the legs. The users can adjust the pressure in each zone to customise their massage therapy and target specific areas of the limbs. The high-pressure levels, ranging from 30 – 240 mmHg, make it an ideal recovery device for many users. Four recovery modes are available – Flush, Pulse, warmup and gentle massage. It has a timer feature option that can be set from 5 to 99 minutes. At the same time, it offers a pause button, allowing you to stop your therapy anytime. The lightweight and portable design enables the user to use this product no matter where they are. It is also upgradeable to a DUO capability, allowing two users to connect to a single control unit (or one person can treat arms and legs at the same time,) a great feature for clubs, teams and families for saving both time and money. Moreover, the recovery system boots come with a free AI recovery app called Recovery Insights, which interprets all training data and recommends customised recovery programs.

One user on the official website of Recovery System Sport said,

“I have been using recovery systems compression therapy boots for about two months. I have used the full-length compression boots pre and post-race, as well as in between training sessions. My legs have never felt fresher! As a professional triathlete, my legs take a hammering. Incorporating this type of recovery into my training routine really combats muscle fatigue. Mastering the 4th discipline of triathlon suddenly got easier. These boots are a Godsend! I can absolutely recommend this system to everybody. It has definitely helped me gain a competitive edge, and it can help you no matter what sport you participate in.”

Most users are satisfied and impressed with the performance of this product. They believe it is the best leg compression device on the market. The high price may be an issue for some, but they give you the option to make payments in instalments.

What’s included

●  Pair of full-length leg cuffs (other cuff options available)

●  One digital control unit

●  One universal charger (dual voltage)

●  One carry bag

What we love

●  Customisable pressure in zones

●  Four recovery modes – Flush, pulse, warmup and gentle massage.

●  The most powerful machine on the market

● Versatile “Swiss army knife” of compression recovery

● Six overlapping chambers for increased effectiveness

●  Duo mode, which is capable of treating two athletes at the same time or one person using two treatment areas, legs and arms at the same time.

●  Free mobile App connectivity for customised recovery programs

● A wide variety of cuss options – legs, arms, shorts, pants and torso

●  Adjustable time

●  Has the longest battery life offered on the market.

●  Lightweight and easy to carry

●  Payment can be made in instalments

Things to consider

●   No Bluetooth

2.      Dynamic Air Compression System For Your Legs: Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs

Key features and specs

●       Compression Level: Seven levels

●   Power Source: Rechargeable battery

●       Battery Power: Up to 3 hours

●       Pressure Range: 30-110 mmHg

●       Warranty: One year

Additional Features: Bluetooth connectivity, ZoneBoost technology, customisable time, pressure, and zone setting, app control

●       Price: USD799

Hyperice is a leading company specialising in creating innovative recovery and performance devices for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They offer multiple muscle recovery products, such as air compression devices, massage guns, vibrating foam rollers, and wearable heat therapy devices. The Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs is an ultimate dynamic recovery machine that uses dynamic air compression massage to reduce swelling, increase blood circulation, speed up recovery, and improve performance.

This scientifically-backed recovery system is designed by an MD and PhD using patented precision pulsed technology, overlapping pressure zones, and ZoneBoost technology. The patented precision pulse technology mimics leg muscles’ natural rhythm and flow to provide a therapeutic massage. The five overlapping pressure zones keep the pressure steady through the legs. At the same time, the ZoneBoost technology allows the user to adjust seven pressure levels in each zone independently. It offers app integration, allowing you to set your programs for a personalised experience and monitor your performance. The sleek design, premium quality materials, user-friendly interface, and adjustable time and pressure make it a smart choice.

One user on the official website of Hyperice said,

“I cannot remember ever feeling this relaxed! Not after a message, not a body scrub at the spa! My legs from travelling are refreshed, and as a bonus, I didn’t expect that when I used it before bed, it helped me relax and fall asleep quicker. The feeling is like taking a bath before bed, but even better. I can’t believe my legs can feel this rested after a full day of travelling. I love this device. Thank you for making it, team Hyperice!”

Most users praise this device for its effectiveness and durability. However, some users said that the maximum compression level is only 100 mmHg, which is not enough for their needs.

What’s included:

●  Normatec 3.0 control unit

●  Two leg attachments

●  Hose

●  Charger

●  Three additional adapters

What we love:

●  Overlapping zones for gapless compression

●  Seven levels of compressions

●  High-quality material

●  The device can be controlled through the Hyperice App

Things to consider:

●  Case sold separately

●  The compression level may be too weak for some results

●  The hose is rigid, which makes it hard to move around while using the device

●  No pants or duo mode.

3.    Best Affordable Circulation Device With High-Pressure Range: Recovery Systems Atom

Key features and specs

●       Compression Level: Four levels

●       Power Source: Rechargeable

●       Battery Power: Up to 140 minutes

●       Pressure Range: 50 – 200 mmHg

●       Warranty: One year

●       Additional Features: Three recovery modes and four pressure levels

●       Price: USD 327

Recovery System is a company that specialises in providing home-based recovery products based on scientific research and proven technology for faster healing and recovery. Recovery Systems Atom is a recent launch and has proved to be a game-changer for those looking to improve their performance and well-being. This product’s innovative design and technology enhance blood circulation throughout the body.

This powerful air compression device has a velcro-fitted calf sleeve, charging cable, and plugs. It offers three therapy modes: warm-up, recovery, and massage. Each mode follows a different pattern of inflation and deflation to make the natural pumping action of calf muscles. It also allows you to adjust pressure to 4 different levels based on your needs and preferences. Its convenient design and long-lasting battery hours make it the first choice for athletes and travellers who suffer from muscle soreness. Moreover, you can walk with them on, use them when seated or even in flight, just the way you like. The Recovery Systems Atom comes with a free AI Recovery Coach app called Recovery Insights, which interprets all training data and recommends customised recovery programs.

One user on the Recovery Systems Sport website said,

This is no ordinary piece of recovery equipment. It’s a state-of-the-art ‘Recovery System’ that will up your game! I use it every day to flush out the metabolic waste from the abuse of my training to keep my legs fresher, lighter and stronger! Highly recommended.”

What’s included

●  Velcro fitted calf sleeve

●  Type C charging cable and plug

What we love

●  Cordless leg massager

●  The most powerful in its category

●  Affordable

●  Can be used on legs, calves or arms

●  Three massage modes – warmup, flush or gentle massage

●  Highly versatile

●  Compact and Lightweight at 1.2kg for the pair

●  Free mobile App connectivity

●  Payment can be made in instalments.

4.    Luxury Compression Machine For Athletes: Therabody RecoveryAir PRO

Key features and specs

●       Compression Settings: Adjustable

●       Power Source: Rechargeable battery

●       Battery Power: Upto 4 hours (240-minutes)

●       Pressure Range: 20-100 mmHg

●       Warranty: Two year

●       Additional Features: Bluetooth connectivity, FastFlush Technology, customisable time and pressure, app control, 4 preset programs or freestyle PRO mode

●       Price: $1,299

Therabody was founded by a chiropractor who suffered a traumatic motorcycle accident and needed a better way to recover from pain. This company offers wellness products ranging from percussion massagers and smart goggles to RecoveryTherm and compression boots. Therabody RecoveryAir PRO boots come in three sizes (S, M, L) and allow you to personalise your massage experience by controlling pressure in individual chambers. You can adjust the pressure and time settings of 4 preset programs or customise the program with PRO mode.

The Therabody PRO model is designed with proprietary TrueGrade Technology for precise application of pressure and FastFlush technology that allows the boots to inflate and deflate completely in 60 seconds. It delivers 2-3x faster pressure massage and maximises circulation from the feet to the heart and back again. The features of Bluetooth connectivity, long battery time, and mobile app integration make it a convenient and effective option for athletes. With the Therabody App, you can save and share unlimited personalised routines.

Users are satisfied with this product and report positive benefits from regular use, with one user on Therabody.com stating,

“I feel like I’m getting a massage for my legs at home! I love these boots already. They are easy to use with simple instructions. I was able to open the box and try my first session within minutes. I am really excited to add them to my recovery routine. They are quiet, and I like how I can recover while sitting on my phone, doing work, or watching TV. I like how they fold easily and can be stored back in the box. The pouches they came with make it easier to store them in my NYC one-bedroom apartment. The buttons and settings are very easy to use and navigate.”

Most users complain that the Boots are expensive. However, it effectively boosts circulation, decreases swelling, and relieves muscle fatigue.

What’s included

●  Two Compression boots

●  Recovery Air PRO pump

●  Blocker plug (for single garment use)

●  Pump pouch

●  Boots pouch

What we love:

●  Four preset programs or freestyle PRO mode

●  Control pressure of individual chambers

●  240 minutes battery life

Things to consider:

●  Expensive

●  Low pressure may not suit everyone

●  No

5.    Leg Compression Machine For Improved Circulation: Air Relax Pro

Key features and specs

●       Compression Settings: Fourteen levels

●       Power Source: Rechargeable battery

●       Battery Power: Upto 3 hours

●       Pressure Range: 40-170 mmHg

●       Warranty: One year

●       Additional Features: Built-in pressure sensors, predefined four-cycle modes, customisable time and pressure settings, touch screen control unit

●       Price: $995

Air Relax is a company that specialises in providing a wide range of health and wellness devices to minimise the recovery time of athletes and enhance their performance. Besides compression boots, the brand offers recovery tools, wireless earbuds and foot inserts. The Air Relax Pro compression boots come in different sizes and have a high compression range stretching from 40 to 170 mmHg. It has upgraded features, like touchscreen unit control, customised chamber selection, adjustable time and pressure settings, and a dual voltage system.

This recovery machine has four cycle modes, including sequential, progressive, drain, and overlay, which provide varying compression patterns in different areas of the legs. The six overlapping chambers ensure seamless and effective massage from the crotch to the heel. Additionally, the built-in sensor feature distributes the pressure evenly and prevents overinflation or underinflation of the chambers. This model has a powerful medical-grade pump, which makes it more effective for reducing muscle soreness, fatigue, and pain.

One user on Amazon.com said,

“They are unbelievably amazing. I was a total skeptic and nervous to make the purchase. I can’t believe I didn’t know about these sooner. The Max pressure is just enough for me. If you are thinking about purchasing these, you 100% won’t regret it. I have convinced so many friends to try them, and they are now purchasing a pair! You will love them! “

The only issue reported by users was that the product was heavy and bulky to carry around.

What’s included:

●  Air Relax Pro control unit

●  Pair of leg sleeves

●  38L carrying case

●  AC power adapter

●  Hose bundle

●  User manual

What we like:

●  Four therapy modes

●  High compression range

●  Built-in sensor feature

●  Adjustable time and pressure

Things to consider:

●  Bulky

●  Expensive

●  Medium pressure range

●  No Pants cuffs or duo mode


  • For an all-in-one solution, choose the Black Max Pro Legs. It offers comprehensive benefits, including enhanced recovery, reduced swelling, improved circulation, customisable pressure, and a mobile app. It is ideal for athletes and those seeking advanced recovery.
  • The Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs is your go-to for muscle recovery with ZoneBoost technology.
  •  If you’re on a budget but still want high pressure, cordless design, and adjustable settings, the Recovery Systems Atom ($327) is an excellent choice for improved circulation.
  • Athletes and advanced recovery enthusiasts should opt for the Therabody RecoveryAir PRO, featuring TrueGrade and FastFlush technology.
  • Meanwhile, the Air Relax Pro is perfect for enhancing circulation with a high compression range and customisable settings. In the world of leg compression machines, the Black Max Pro stands out as a well-rounded and versatile option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are leg compression machines?

Leg compression machines, also known as pneumatic pressure devices, are designed to improve blood circulation in the legs by applying intermittent pressure. These medical devices enhance muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and provide relaxation.

Leg compression machines come with a control unit, hose, and inflatable cuffs that wrap around the legs. The control unit inflates and deflates the cuffs, creating a squeezing and releasing motion that replicates the rhythmic muscle contraction. This motion supports the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the legs.

What factors should you consider before choosing leg compression machines?

Before investing in the best leg compression machine, you must consider several key factors, such as the size and fit of the cuffs, pressure settings, type of compression, power source, portability, noise level, cost, and additional features.

Are leg compression machines safe?

Generally, leg compression machines are considered safe to use. However, some people may have increased swelling from improper use, skin irritation, and allergies to the material used in cuffs.

To eliminate the risk of side effects, consult a medical professional first and make sure to read and follow the instructions that come with the machine.

How long should I use a leg compression machine?

The duration and frequency of a compression machine depend on your goals and preferences. Typically, compression sessions last for about 30 minutes to an hour at a time.

Note: Always follow your doctor’s instructions if you have an underlying medical condition.

Who should not use a leg compression machine?

Leg compression machines are not recommended in people with leg ulcers, skin infections, burns, neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, severe heart conditions, or recent surgery.

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