With 30 years of experience in the Health and Wellness industry, we've made once-exclusive clinic-grade recovery products accessible and affordable to everyone.

At Recovery Systems, we're on a mission to enhance the health, wellness, and quality of life for individuals from all backgrounds through our Recovery Products and services.

Our offerings cater to every stage of life, from athletes of all levels and healthy aging as well to those seeking relief from chronic pain and long-term illnesses for both the body and mind.

We understand that recovery can mean different things to different people, be it athlete management, coaching, competition, or simply a return to quality sleep, a healthy mind, movement, and an improved quality of life.

Moreover, we've extended our knowledge of recovery to our four-legged friends. If you're also an equine enthusiast, you'll be pleased to know we also offer recovery solutions for horses.

Join the #recoverfaster movement today and experience the benefits of Recovery Systems in your daily life.

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Air Compression Recovery Boots & Bio Mats


1. Accelerate your warm-up - 8 mins on the Recovery boots boosts Muscle Oxygen above what it would normally take 30 to 40 minutes of running or riding; what a great way to Bio Hack your warm-up at a low metabolic cost for the time-poor.

Recovery faster – 20 to 30 minutes on Recovery Systems increases blood flow and accelerates healing; Recovery and gains faster than massage, percussion guns or other methods.

Our Bio Mats are a component of our compression therapy; Our Qi Mat series uses a combination of five recovery Modalities - PEMF, Far Infrared, Negative Ion, hot stones and Red light therapy (or Photon light therapy). These combinations of treatments have been proven to enhance recovery, detoxification, wound/injury healing, boost mitochondrial health, nerve regeneration and raise HGH levels naturally.

Both products significantly improve sleep and sleep quality.

Convenient and repeatable - Taking less than 1 minute to begin treatment, recovery faster anytime, anyplace.


2. For Trauma injuries:

Leg Recovery Boots - combine a cooling pad inside the cuff with a gentle pressure level to help control bruising and pain relief to get you back to sport faster.

PEMF Bio Mats - the 5 therapies in our Qi Mat series mats combine pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, photon therapy, far-infrared heat, negative ions and crystals. These combinations of treatments have been proven to enhance recovery, detoxification, wound/injury healing, boost mitochondrial health, nerve regeneration and raise HGH levels naturally.



3. Travel

Anyone that has travelled on long haul flights knows the toll they take on your body. Overcome travel fatigue and swelling, even during a long flight so that you can be your best at your best upon arrival. 


4. Better sleep is the Gold Standard for Recovery - Many people fall asleep when using Recovery Systems products due to the parasympathetic system activating to heal and reset the nervous system. These modalities are a great way to reset the nervous system and recover physically and mentally. 

Now you can double down with both the Recovery boots and the Bio mats - What a great way to chill, recover and bring on the gains.



BLACK MAX PRO is specially designed for both athletes recovery and home health care purposes.

Institutional Clients

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Zana Yahya
Zana Yahya

Very helpful and detailed explanations on whats e functions n benefits of e black pants and also bio mat. Assistance will always be there when there are any doubts or queries. Delivery on tm..and service just fantastic bt most importantly my legs feel lighter and fresher aft using the black pants as it helps with my recovery and also improves my sleep which is very important part of recovery too ..

Joscelin Yeo
Joscelin Yeo

I’ve had a really interesting experience with the biomat. I tested it out and used my oura ring as a reference point for how my sleep is at night after using the biomat. In short, with data to prove, every time I used the biomat for half an hour before going to bed, I fell asleep quicker and I got more deep sleep than if I didn’t use it before going to bed. I’m a believer! Thank you, Recovery systems!!

Rob Dallimore
Rob Dallimore

I'm a big fan of the Recovery Systems Boots and Biomat! The importance of recovery can't be underestimated. Often the negative effects of training stress and fatigue is insidious, and just works away at an athlete until it crosses a threshold resulting in injury or illness.

Getting into a routine of using the Boots and Biomat is a key component to prevent this breakdown. I will usually have one or two session in the boots through the day either before or after training, depending on how I feel, and a nightly session on the Biomat before bed to ensure my sleep is optimised and I'm ready to take on the next day as well as my body will allow.

My dog loves sitting on the mat with me. He's a very smart dog and I'm sure he recognises the positive effects of the Biomat too.