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Far Infrared Ray Benefits & Bio Mats: What you need to know in 2022



Benefits of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

During sunny days, we feel a ripple effect from within our skin, especially when coming into contact with the sun due to the infrared rays invisible to the human eye. Plants use these rays as it is difficult to photosynthesize and even feed without them. Plants and humans are dependent on FIR. However, while one is essential for the food chain, the other benefits because it helps improve general wellness, not to mention the warm feeling it creates in the human skin or, better still, body. There have been countless discoveries on how best to utilize FIR for the benefit of the human body.

As you may know, there is a growing trend away from medication and towards natural remedies. This is why FIR infrared therapy has some immense benefits, as it can do a couple of things for you. However, we have some of the benefits that you might find worth needing. Some of the benefits are:


  1. FIR Improves Overall Wellness: One of the benefits is that overall wellness is greatly improved, especially for chronic pains relief and boosting mood. Over the years, chronic pain patients have been treated using thermal therapy. At the university of Nishi Kyushu, Japan, researchers found how infrared sauna heat therapy could make people function and overall well-being. So, in essence, FIR eliminates tension and brings about a more relaxed body and mind, void of stress
  2. FIR improves detoxification: Another benefit of FIR therapy is that it helps lymphatic cleansing and detoxification. As you know, poor blood circulation allows toxins to accumulate. FIR facilitates the elimination of fats, chemicals, and toxins from the blood. Lastly, FIR is a safe, drug-free tool for detoxification, and it is more effective than conventional heat or the steam sauna.
  3. FIR helps with wound healing: FIR therapy can heal a wound at a rapid rate. Some clinical, scientific studies carried out in Japan made it more compelling how FIR could heal wounds without having to depend on skin temperatures or even blood flow changes. One interesting thing to know about FIR regarding wound healing is that DNA synthesis, cell growth, and protein synthesis are duly supported. FIR will also accelerate the healing from burns, skin breakouts, and even skin problems.
  4. Blood circulation and skin complexion are improved: With the Far-infrared supports healthy lung function. Plus, capillaries are expanded, which stimulates oxygen and regeneration, increased blood flow, and lastly, circulation. In addition, there are skin benefits when the sebaceous glands are activated. The pores are being displaced through the skin, hence making way for brighter and clearer skin.
  5. Recovery from Minor pains and stiffness because of FIR: FIR treatment has been credited in various ways that can benefit one’s health and general quality. Interestingly, there are two main ways that it is made possible. They are Infrared mats and Infrared Saunas. In the case of Infrared mats, convenience and, therefore, repeatability of treatment is highly beneficial for chronic or day to day recovery of stiffness and joint pain.  Mats can also be slept on to facilitate the speedy recovery overnight. Mats trump Infrared saunas due to the convenience and repeatability of home use. Inflammation and joint pain.
  6. FIR Can provide comfort for chronic fatigue patients:  Aside from minor pain relief, People dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome can witness an improvement in the quality of their life because of FIR therapy. There has been much research on how efficient FIR can be to those with Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and all the findings point to FIR therapy on dramatic improvements for CFS patients. Not in the least of these improvements is the ability to sleep pain-free.

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Author: Michael Lyons

With Three Decades of tech and Meditech experience, 10,000 hours of endurance sports coaching and competing at the NZ national team level, Michael’s passion is biohacking recovery and wellness for athletes, for those with short term and long term medical conditions and healthy aging. Michael consults and partners with leading medical practitioners to provide therapy solutions for short and long term illnesses, including diabetes, DVT, Lymphedema, pre and postnatal, post-surgery, autism (ASD), PTSD, and sleep apnoea.

Michael also consults and partners with High-performance sports organisations, Three Olympic Gold medallists, two current world champions, the Rugby World cup, NZ Rugby, the Singapore Olympic team, the NZ Olympic team, Clubs and coaches.  He also teaches the recovery modules for the fitness industries personal training courses.