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Rental – Black Max Cold Compression Therapy – 7 day rental (Singapore Only)

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Reviews from our customers

  • As a Physio, ensuring my patients receive optimal recovery post injury and surgery is a key part of my job. Recovery systems has formed part of my daily clinic process in allowing high level athletes to return earlier to training and for patients post OP to start moving earlier and with less pain. Mike’s enthusiasm and dedication is also second to none and many of my patients have reported back how impressed they were with his follow up care. Cheers guys from Integrative Physio!

    Mat Winter

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  • Working with and getting to know Mike and his team has really opened up a whole new out look on how important and successful Intermittent Compression really can be for Patients and Athletes. When looking at both aspects of prehab and rehab this really can help take those individuals to a new level. His enthusiasm and determination highlights the success and confidence of how great these products are! Keep up the good work!

    Charles Z Myfootdr

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  • Excellent products and support!

    Dr Alan Cheung

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Offers both Cold and Hot Compression Therapy (5c to 40c) with Iceless semiconductor cooling/heating technology.

Wraps available include Knee, calf, ankle, arm, Hip/torso and shoulder.

Highly effective for post-surgery and post-injury rehabilitation.

Controls swelling and pain relief via cold compression technology.

7-day Rental,  includes delivery, setup, and in-person tutorial and pickup.

Recovery Systems offers the industry’s Best iceless cold compression device.