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Rental (Try-Buy) – Black Max Pro – 1 week SGD225 (Singapore only)


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Reviews from our customers

  • Been using Recovery System since 2017. Lately trade in my old system for the new Black Max Pro. This system is really a beast as it has actually cover more part of my legs as compared to my old system. It has 6 compartment as compared to 4. Part and parcel of my training and recovery regime after my run and biking. It really flush out my lactic acid and your leg won’t feel heavy. This has actually allow me for back to back training without much issue.

    It came with a carrier and make it very easy for me to keep it too. You will not regret to have one for yourself as you can carry it anywhere you like. Handy tools to have.

    Kim Hong Yeo

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  • The Boots are good quality and helpful for our recovery process. We used bio mat and recovery system, our sleep cycle is improved also.

    Han Ti

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  • The Recovery System has been a key ally of my trail running journey for the past 6-7 years. I will usually put on the compression boots after races, long runs and workouts and I’ve found that my recovery has been speedier as it helps decrease muscle soreness. What’s more, the air compression feels like a nice and comfortable leg massage after exercise exertion. Thanks guys for a great product!

    Wei Chong Chin

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  • Although it was a costly investment, it has been worth every cent. It is both helpful as a warmup and recovery tool. I got the Max Pro Pants which could hit my glutes. Glad to have made this purchase. Mike is great and very responsive to queries even after sales.

    Jasper Sim

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  • I’m a big fan of the Recovery Systems Boots and Biomat! The importance of recovery can’t be underestimated. Often the negative effects of training stress and fatigue is insidious, and just works away at an athlete until it crosses a threshold resulting in injury or illness.

    Getting into a routine of using the Boots and Biomat is a key component to prevent this breakdown.

    I will usually have one or two session in the boots through the day either before or after training, depending on how I feel, and a nightly session on the Biomat before bed to ensure my sleep is optimised and I’m ready to take on the next day as well as my body will allow.

    My dog loves sitting on the mat with me. He’s a very smart dog and I’m sure he recognises the positive effects of the Biomat too.

    Rob Dallimore

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This is a rent-to-try option we offer to our customers who want to try before they buy. After the one week rental the customer has the option to buy and we will then deduct the rental fees off the purchase price.

  • Our battery model, lightweight and powerful for the ultimate portability for home, outdoors and air travel. Fast becoming our best seller!
  • There are additional cuffs options such as arm, torso and hip & glute and pants cuff for a more comprehensive treatment at home or anywhere.
  • All cuffs under the Black Max Pro series connect to the Black Max Pro Control Unit.
  • Black Max Pro is also upgradable to a DUO capability, which means 2 people can share 1 control unit at the same time. This is perfect for sports teams, clubs and families.
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