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Qi Mat – Office Chair

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Energize Your World

Amplify Your Energy, Wellness, and Vitality with the Bio Mat.

We have combined five recovery modes:

  • PEMF
  • Far Infrared
  • Negative Ion
  • Red Light Therapy (Photon Light Therapy)
  • Heat

These combinations of treatments have been proven to enhance recovery, detoxification, joint pain relief, wound/injury healing, boost mitochondrial health, nerve regeneration and raise HGH levels naturally.

Our reviews will testify that They are also great for stress management and improving sleep quality.

Reviews from our customers

  • Love the Qi Mat. Gives me a good night’s sleep!

    Agnes Liew

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  • The PEMF biomat Recovery System has been very beneficial for my healing process and recovery. In addition the Atom leg massagers are fantastic after a long day and great recovery after long flights. A big thank you to the team behind Recovery Systems for such great products.

    Kathryn Tilson

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  • Every session on the Qi Mat melts away all my daily tension and aches. The Atom makes my legs feel stronger after each session on Mode 2. After-sales service is responsive and helpful.

    Thank you, Recovery Systems for introducing these wonderful products into my life!

    Joey Tong

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  • The Boots are good quality and helpful for our recovery process. We used bio mat and recovery system, our sleep cycle is improved also.

    Han Ti

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  • I’m a big fan of the Recovery Systems Boots and Biomat! The importance of recovery can’t be underestimated. Often the negative effects of training stress and fatigue is insidious, and just works away at an athlete until it crosses a threshold resulting in injury or illness.

    Getting into a routine of using the Boots and Biomat is a key component to prevent this breakdown.

    I will usually have one or two session in the boots through the day either before or after training, depending on how I feel, and a nightly session on the Biomat before bed to ensure my sleep is optimised and I’m ready to take on the next day as well as my body will allow.

    My dog loves sitting on the mat with me. He’s a very smart dog and I’m sure he recognises the positive effects of the Biomat too.

    Rob Dallimore

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  • I am a fan of the Recovery System’s Black Max Pro boots & Bio mats! I use the boots as a warm-up for my lower body because my sport (kettlebell) requires a lot of power generation from the lower body. I also love the bio-mat and its use of red light therapy that helps to regulate the nervous system and hence improving my sleep quality!

    Kayleigh Kho

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  • 2 years ago

    I am recovering from multiple fractures on both legs and spine. I have been using the full length biomat for the last 1 month. I have used it throughout the night and day time when i am resting. The comprehensive elements installed in the biomat has helped to reduce the soreness and stiffness on my back and legs. This has enabled me to get good quality sleep and improve my overall recovery.

    Thank you, Michael and Gladys, for the clear explanation and demo of the biomat!

    Linda lee

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  • 2 years ago

    I just purchased a Qi mat from Recovery Systems and I have been blown away from the get go. The customer service is outstanding, easy payment options, fastest delivery on the island… Both me and my husband used the mat right away and felt results quickly. My husband had his best night of sleep in a very long time and I feel fresh, my mind is clearer. We are really looking forward to see how great we will feel with the effect of a daily use.

    Emily Tan

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  • 2 years ago

    I have been using the compression boots and I must say it is AMAZING! recovery time after a hard run/ride is reduced by at least half, and I can resume training without feeling the fatigue much faster.

    Have recently bought the Qi Mat, and I must say it has been super helpful in soothing my back aches. Will observe for longer term effects in improving overall health and well being.

    Jasmin Chua

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  • Got the 150cm Bio Mat and really like it. The size is very versatile and fits my recliner perfectly. Weight is substantial but not too heavy to limit its portability. I incorporate the Bio Mat into my recovery and health maintenance routine, and its a great way to relax whilst allowing the multiple therapies to recover energy and cellular health whilst promoting good sleep each night. I am on the wait-list for the smaller unit that is designed for my office chair. Thanks Coach Mike for the trial and great product!


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  • Bought BIO Mat for myself after trying it for 20 minutes during product tryout. Recovery Systems has the best delivery service I have encountered, match my available time, and delivered the mat at 8am the next day.

    The mat was easy to setup, and keep after use. Tried using it twice for 60 minutes, and had the best sleep ever; used to wake up at least once in the middle of the night, but slept through till morning after using BIO Mat. πŸ™‚

    Shanny tan

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  • For a person who has always had issues falling asleep at night time, I was bit sceptical about the recovery mat being of any help to me. How wrong was I? Been super surprised at how well it works, 15-20 minutes on the mat before bedtime has worker miracles for me. I now fall asleep shortly after going to bed and don’t bounce around the bed (my wife can attest to that). Getting a much better night’s sleep Highly recommended.

    Fintan W

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  • Bought the biomat and tried for a month now. It has helped me recover better (especially on getting more quality slp) and less sore post workout. My mum tried 1hr daily before slp for a month and found less pain in he shoulders and improvement in her slp (waking up much lesser times at night)

    Dolly Huang

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  • I own both the Qi Mat and the compression boots. Both are incredibly to aid in my rest and recovery post-training. I’ve long heard about the various technologies behind the Qi mat, and its wonderful to have them all in one mat. I fall asleep on it so easily, nowadays I just sleep throughout the night on it. Great stuff, don’t miss out on it! Thank you Mike and Gladys πŸ™‚

    Taylor Seah

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  • I own both the Qi Mat and the compression boots. Both are incredibly to aid in my rest and recovery post-training. I’ve long heard about the various technologies behind the Qi mat, and its wonderful to have them all in one mat. I fall asleep on it so easily, nowadays I just sleep throughout the night on it. Great stuff, don’t miss out on it! Thank you Mike and Gladys πŸ™‚

    Taylor Seah

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  • I have used the Recovery Systems Biomat for only a week now and I am already noticing improvement in sleep. I’m very excited for my son (who is on the spectrum) to start using the mat daily and help him reduce inflammation and improve overall wellbeing!

    Anna Gundry

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  • Sept 2021 – Just tried the new MAT – absolutely love it! Can’t wait to use it every day and enjoy the benefits. The products at Recovery Systems are great, but what is more important to us is that we TRUST the team at RS – Michael and Gladys. Thanks guys!! Another great product!

    2019 – The BOOTS – A great product with excellent service. The team were able to answer all our questions very promptly as we got started with the product. The product really does aid in recovery, it’s my Best Friend after a long run! Even our kids use it after achy Soccer trainings. Thanks recovery systems!

    Lianne Shaw

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Aids mental clarity and Recovery while working and attaches to any office chair via elastic fasteners.

Recovery Systems portable PEMF Bio Mat, Our Qi Mat series, a brilliant combination of five recovery Modalities – PEMF, Far Infrared, Negative Ion, Heat and Red light therapy (or Photon light therapy). These combinations of treatments have been proven (for example, PEMF and Far-infrared have been used for decades) to enhance recovery, detoxification, wound/injury healing, boost mitochondrial health, nerve regeneration, nutritional uptake, and raise HGH levels naturally. Great for boosting mental and physical wellbeing.

The Qi Mat harnesses all key technologies and different types of crystals and stones in one single mat. This allows you to choose virtually almost any PEMF signal to suit your needs perfectly. Additionally, it contains 3 high-quality copper PEMF coils, 12 red therapy lights, Amethyst crystals, Tourmaline crystals, and Jade crystals.

Qi Mat office Chair mat size is 45*100cm,
Stones: Natural Amethyst Crystals, 25mm Tourmaline Disk & 30mm Jade Disk.
Function: Hot Stone, FIR, PEMF, Negative Ions, Heating
Power: 125W

The World’s Best PEMF Mat.

Recovery Systems