Alan Bradley - Australia II Team member who finished 2nd in the 2017 RAAM. 

I have just completed Race Across America (RAAM) as part of the 4-man open division in 'Team Australia II'. The race is over 5000km with 55,000m of accent, and temperatures that varied from 52 deg C to 5 deg C. This is widely known as the toughest endurance bike race in the world. We achieved a very credible 2nd place under tough conditions, which aside from the distance and accent, including dealing with a tropical cycle as well. My training for the race included riding approximately 11,000km in the 5 months leading up to the race in what were often hot and difficult conditions in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Being able to back up my training day after day was critical - I give much of the credit for being able to do this to a training regime that involved the use of "RECOVERY SYSTEMS" after each and every ride. Using this regime meant that fatigue was never an issue, either during training or the race itself. This is the second RAAM campaign for me - being able to finish this race with no leg fatigue is testament to both my training and the benefits of RECOVERY SYSTEMS. My legs felt so good that I backed up with a training ride the morning after the race finished! Recovery Systems will now remain part of my regime as I commence training for my solo RAAM campaign in 2019! Thanks Michael Lyons for your support and hope that you will get behind my next RAAM Solo campaign!

I have been using recovery systems for a few months now and I must say that it has helped me tremendously in my training and racing. I am able to recovery more efficiently and always ready to go again.
The best thing about recovery systems is that it is portable. This advantage allows me to take the system to every overseas race that I have and not worry about heavy or lactic legs before and after races. Recovery had never been more convenient.
Bryce Chong - SINGAPORE Triathlete and National Team Member
Compression Therapy Boots

I have been using Recovery System's Compression Therapy Boots for about 2 months. I have used the full-length compression boots pre- and post race, as well as inbetween training sessions. My legs have never felt fresher!

As a professional Triathlete, my legs take a hammering. Incorporating this type of recovery into my training routine really combats muscle fatigue and the DOMS effect. This means I can get back into quality training sessions faster and with less fatigue. Mastering the fourth discipline of triathlon suddenly got easier. These boots are a godsend!

I can absolutely recommend this system to everybody. It has definitely helped me gain a competitive edge and it can help you too, no matter what sport you participate in.

kathryn Haesner Professional Triathlete

Compression Therapy Boots

Living in Singapore with extreme humidity and frequently flying to various business operations often leaves my ankles swollen with water. I use the full-length compression boots to help reduce the swelling and water retention which makes my legs feel less heavy and refreshes them in time for my next race or training session. It seems to have assisted with my newly developed Plantar Fasciitis, easing the pain.

I use the compression boots on non-training days as to improve general circulation and relieve any built up stress that I may feel in my legs from standing / walking.

I can recommend the boots to athletes and non-athletes.

Compression Therapy Boots

I've always been a bit scepitcal about recovery products, having never really felt any tangible benefits from wearing compression tights or socks. But after one of my similarly aged teammates told me he'd bought a set of the Recovery Systems compression equipment after being blown away by the instant benefit he felt after a trial, I was intrigued to try them myself. I can only say that I too was an instant convert. After just 30 minutes in the blue compression leggings following a hard, four-hour Saturday morningtraining ride, my legs felt less fatigued as soon as I stood up. And more importantly, when I climbed on the bike the next morning for another tough set, my legs felt much fresher than they normally would 24 hours after a punishing hit out. I now have the Recovery Systems leggings and compressor at home and use it regularly. I'm convinced it makes a big difference.

Alan Grant,49, cyclist (Specialized Mavericks)

Compression Therapy Boots

The Recovery System has changed how I feel each morning after my big sessions. I wake up fresher after spending 30 minutes with my trusted sleeves each night. Heavy legs that I used to feel after two sessions are now not that thanks to this recovery system. I take it with me when I travel to races now too and sit it in the day before my race. After a race, it helps to flush out the lactic acid built up in my legs and helps me get my groove back. I am on my feet a lot at work too and always use it after a long day at work. This shows the product is something we can use outside sports too and has benefits to my daily life too.

Compression Therapy Boots

If your reading this review you are either looking for medical condition improvements or you are an athlete looking to gain an edge on your competitors. Being new to tri-athlon i made the same mistakes as most and neglected recover and was a classic over trainer without realising that recovery time is where you actually make your gains from the training pain. I met Michael Lyons after a friend recomended him to me for swim coaching as im god awful in the water. From there i heard about these recover systems and how they could help work out some of that fatigue from training. What i realised (as i was typing this and in the recovery boots) thats this system not only works to remove excess toxins to reduce recovery time it also sets aside at least 30mins a day where id switch off completely and just relax which again enhanced my recovery. The boots are so easy to use and feel great. If im looking to sleep i stick them on 100mmHg / if im looking for extra feel ill use 140mmHg. I do get a little foot pain when fully inflated on 140mmHg but this is easy to bypass by reducing the pressure or by turning the feet off which is an awesome feature. Overall, i would encourage athletes to at least give these a try for a week or two and build time in the boots into your training program. (Im giving up my competitive edge, but thats ok, ill be fresh and achieving my potential, so thats my satisfaction complete). P.s i took 50minutes off my Half Ironman time after incorporating the boots into training. Look out for me in Bussleton on December 4th. Im aiming for 10hours. These boots are the key. Enjoy the systems. They will change your athletic life for the better.


Dr Steve Tucker, Tucker Medical

Matt Winter, Owner Integrated Physio