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Recovery Protocols

RSS Suggested recovery protocols (please refer to our disclaimer also)

Endurance Athletes (with no medical indications)

  • Short session (e.g. 90 min swim, 60 min run, 90 min easy cycle = 20-30 min recovery on mode B (sequential)


  • Run of 90 min or shorter interval session, >90 min hard or hilly bike, 2-hour swim = 40 to 60 mins recovery on Mode B (sequential)


  • 1 session a day is good, 2 sessions a day for those under heavy training load will enhance recovery, the last session before bed is likely to improve sleep quality also.


  • Weekends are a great time for 60 min recovery sessions.


  • Warmup - 10 to 20 mins before an event, this is a great idea in cooler climates where it may be otherwise difficult.


  • A great compliment to the Recovery Systems leg cuffs is our Techniche cooling vest 


  • Pressure recommendations – higher pressure isn’t necessarily better, blood volume varies based on the size of the person, you should never be uncomfortable with the leg cuffs, 140 – 180 mmhg should be comfortable for most. Arm and waist cuffs should be no more than 120 mmhg. These are Guidelines only, please refer to your medical practitioner for confirmation.


  • Zone control – the cuffs are split into 4 zones corresponding to the pump display, zones can be turned off to allow more time on other zones that require more attention.


  • Timer – 10,20 and 30 min options.

Medical Customers

  • Conditions and use may vary from case to case, please follow your medical practitioner’s guidelines.