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Frequency of Earth – The Mystery Of 7.83 Hz



Did you know that Earth has a subtle heartbeat that impacts our lives on this planet? 

The Schumann resonance, or Mother Earth’s heartbeat, has left scientists curious for decades. Years of research have revealed that all living organisms are connected to Earth’s natural rhythm. 

Want to learn more about this fascinating phenomenon? Stay connected to unlock the mystery of Schumann’s resonance.

Understanding Earth’s Natural Resonance 

Earth’s natural frequency, also known as Schumann resonance, refers to a set of low-frequency electromagnetic waves that occur between the planet’s surface and the ionosphere (Layer of Earth containing charged particles). 

These natural resonances are generated by the flashes of lightning that strike on Earth. Approximately 2000 thunderstorms pound our planet, which is responsible for producing 50 flashes of lightning every second. With each burst of lightning, invisible electromagnetic waves are generated. These waves interact with the ionosphere and become trapped, creating an earth-ionosphere cavity. The waves in this cavity bounce back and forth, leading to the Earth’s natural rhythm – The Schumann resonance.  

The Schumann resonance is not a constant frequency; instead, it fluctuates based on changes in external factors such as solar flares, thunderstorms, lightning, ionospheric conditions, and other human activities. However, the dominant frequency is found to be 7.83 Hz, which is called the heartbeat of Mother Earth. 

History Of 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance 

The idea of Schumann resonance was first proposed by a German physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952. He used mathematics to explain that the frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere was around 7.83 Hz. 

Later, multiple researchers confirmed his findings and highlighted the significance of Schumann’s resonance on Earth’s atmosphere and living organisms. 

Importance of 7.83 Hz 

The Schumann resonance is a fundamental component of Earth’s electromagnetic environment that helps in understanding Earth’s atmosphere, electromagnetic dynamics, and weather conditions. 

Similarly, this frequency is also critical for maintaining life on the planet. It promotes normal body functioning, enhances memory, reduces stress, increases body rejuvenation, and improves overall well-being.  

Research has proved the link between the alterations in Solar and Geomagnetic activity leads to notable impacts on human health. According to multiple studies, the absence of the natural frequency from the environment can subsequently lead to words headaches, stress, and other health consequences.

The Influence Of 7.83 Hz Frequency On Humans

The natural frequency of Earth significantly influences our physical and mental health, and that’s why it has remained a topic of interest for scientists for many years. 

According to a study in 2016, there is a remarkable link between earth-ionospheric resonance and human brain activity. The primary Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz is similar to alpha and theta brain waves, which are responsible for relaxation, meditation, healing, and cell regeneration. 

A double-blinded randomised trial concluded that Schumann’s resonance sleep device reduces insomnia symptoms. Similarly, it is responsible for increased brain function and intelligence

These low-frequency electromagnetic waves are like a natural detox for your body, enhancing immune function and reducing fatigue and inflammation. One study found that extremely low-frequency magnetic fields have a positive impact on various wound healing stages. 

Exposure to Schumann resonance increases the level of serotonin (happy hormone) in the body, reducing anxiety and calming the body. It is also associated with lower blood pressure, which improves health and reduces disease-related illnesses. 

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The Schumann resonance, or heartbeat of Mother Earth, is a critical component for maintaining the equilibrium of our planet’s atmosphere. It is also linked to ensuring the normal functioning of the human brain and body. 

Research is still ongoing to thoroughly understand the potential benefits of this natural frequency on human health and well-being. 


Can we hear 7.83 Hz?

The 7.83 Hz frequency of Earth can’t be heard as it is a very low frequency that falls below the average hearing range of humans, i.e., 20 Hz to 20k Hz. 

What are magnetotelluric signals?

Magnetotelluric frequencies are natural electromagnetic signals that help us determine the electrical conductivity of the Earth’s interior. They are generated by interaction between Earth’s magnetic field and electric currents within the subsurface of Earth. 

How does the magnetotelluric method work?

Magnetotelluric is a geophysical method used to study the electrical resistivity of the Earth’s sub-surface. It relies on changes in the natural magnetic and electric fields of the Earth. To measure the resistivity, electrolytes and coils are buried in the ground, which measures the electrical potential difference between 2 points, whereas the coils determine the magnetic flux density. The collected data is processed to obtain the resistivity profile of the subsurface. 

What are the seven healing frequencies?

he frequencies having a profound impact on our vitality and overall well-being are as follows: 

  • 396 Hz – Releases fear and guilt
  • 417 Hz – Eliminate negative thoughts and energy
  • 528 Hz – Promote positive transformation and healing
  • 639 Hz – Enhance interpersonal relationships
  • 741 Hz – Enables us to express ourselves more effectively
  • 852 Hz – Deepen our spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities
  • 963 Hz – Associated with spiritual development and unity

What is the 432 Hz vibration of the universe? 

The idea behind 432 Hz being the vibration of the universe is that when we tune the music to 432 Hz, it resonates with the natural frequency of the Earth, and as a result, it promotes healing and relaxation. It is believed that this frequency is the same as that of the vibrational frequency of our universe and even our DNA. 

What does 432 hertz do?

Some people believe that when music is tuned to 432 Hertz frequency, it helps reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance healing, increase focus and concentration, and promote an overall sense of calmness and well-being.

Note: Currently, the scientific evidence supporting claims about 432 Hertz music is limited.