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Mental Health in sport and exercise- RIP Olivia Rose Podmore



It’s a sad coincidence that the scheduled timing of this post coincides with the sudden and tragic death of Olympian Liv Podmore this week. We knew and had a connection with Liv as our Velodrome ambassador.

The tragic event highlights a topic I have wanted to discuss for a long time – Mental Health in sport and exercise. Exercise and sport are supposed to be revitalising, energising, and empowering; however, if it is a defensive accommodation where we are using it to avoid negative emotions, it can become an act of self-harm.  We see this manifesting itself, especially in these covid times in people running and riding crazy distances, far beyond the realms of body and mid benefit and into a dangerous and toxic place.

Check your intentions and keep it healthy.

We are honoured to have mental health professional Natalia Rachel join us to discuss this important topic.

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Olivia Rose Podmore (24 May 1997 – 9 August 2021)


Daughter, Sister, friend and loved by all