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April 11, 2018

Its with great excitement that we announce that Recovery Systems, brand owner and provider of active compression products for athletic recovery and home healthcare has just signed an agreement with CXA for Recovery Systems products to be included in their Flex wellness program as a wellness option. www.recoverysystemssport.com


About CXA

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Singapore, CXA built Asia’s first insurance and workplace wellness marketplace.

Our proprietary and award-winning Flex Wellness marketplace SaaS platform helps companies unlock wellness in the workplace at no additional cost, by shifting existing corporate healthcare expenditure from treatment to prevention.

Companies use CXA’s deep brokerage expertise and integrated health and benefits platform to reduce their healthcare costs and HR’s administrative burden by aggregating all their vendors and data in one place; digitising claims, health data and payment flows between employees, companies, insurers and wellness providers. CXA empowers employees to improve their health and take personal responsibility by accessing insurance coverage options and wellness services suited to their individual needs.

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