Recovery Systems Ambassador Bryce Chong qualifies for Commonwealth Games Team -

Race Report from Bryce -
From the land of the rising sun……  It was a scenic race round Osaka Castle.  It took these 1000 year old stones with heavy downpour to help me conquer the wall of fears after failures from my past few races.


It was again another raining cats and dogs race day, 25th June 2017 at 12 noon.  A line up of 79 elite men, deep water start in the moat of Osaka Castle with 2 narrow stairs (only possible for 1 pax per exit). 


I had a good swim start, but got to work more on the change of pace gearing in with speed to position myself more to the front.  Exit was a bee line, but into T1, all was chop-chop, fast and good.  It was raining heavily (as can be seen from the picture), and the bike course was very technical with lots of turns, puddles of water combined with sand and dead leaves, and above all very slippery.  5 loops of 4 km, only increases the difficulty level.  I was lucky to be a pack with 3 others.  Actually the groups were rather fragmented with the actual 1st pack consisting of 6 athletes and the 2nd pack (which was also the biggest pack) consisting of about 12 athletes.  Then, there were small packs of 3 to 4 to 5 athletes in several packs that followed.  I believed I was probably in the middle.


There were definitely several crashes and injuries, and everyone probably rode with caution except probably for the 1st pack, I was told from spectators.  It was good work in our pack and we eventually caught up with 2 others in front on the 3 loop and merged to become a 6 men pack.


T2 was also snippy, quick and smooth, and into the run.  It was drizzling by then.  I was a little off paced in the 1st km of run and after the 2 km mark, I found my pace and legs and run shaped up real good.  The injury I sustained in Taiwan resulting in a tight and tensed hamstring could still be slightly felt, but it didn’t interfere.  I completed the race and earned a slot on the Commonwealth Games team.


But I’m getting all good, and with a few more physio and chiro sessions back home, I’ll be all ready for the Asia Chamiponship in Palembang on 22nd July, which will also be the ASIAN Games selection race.

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