I have just completed Race Across America (RAAM) as part of the 4-man open division in 'Team Australia II'. The race is over 5000km with 55,000m of accent, and temperatures that varied from 52 deg C to 5 deg C. This is widely known as the toughest endurance bike race in the world. We achieved a very credible 2nd place under tough conditions, which aside from the distance and accent, including dealing with a tropical cycle as well. My training for the race included riding approximately 11,000km in the 5 months leading up to the race in what were often hot and difficult conditions in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Being able to back up my training day after day was critical - I give much of the credit for being able to do this to a training regime that involved the use of "RECOVERY SYSTEMS" after each and every ride. Using this regime meant that fatigue was never an issue, either during training or the race itself. This is the second RAAM campaign for me - being able to finish this race with no leg fatigue is testament to both my training and the benefits of RECOVERY SYSTEMS. My legs felt so good that I backed up with a training ride the morning after the race finished! Recovery Systems will now remain part of my regime as I commence training for my solo RAAM campaign in 2019! Thanks Michael Lyons for your support and hope that you will get behind my next RAAM Solo campaign!
Alan and Australia II with their 2nd place medals.

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