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pemf stress

Is PEMF Magnetic Therapy Beneficial for Stress?

March 22, 2023

Are you constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately? Have you tried multiple therapies and treatments but still don’t find relief?  Well, have you considered pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy? PEMF is a cutting-edge treatment that uses low-frequency electromagnetic fields to improve the body’s overall functions. Do you want to know how it works in managing…

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A Great Inspiration for sports physical therapy is the 9 years I have spent Coaching

Athlete Compression for Recovery at the UCI World Champs

June 18, 2020

Recovery Systems was super busy powering the athlete  recovery at the recent Tour de Bintan UCI world champs qualifier. Was great to have the age group winners and all riders that came in for a session report being remarkably fresh for the following stage of the 3 stage race, Fresher, Faster, Better to be exact. 

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Recovery Systems Product Review – Second Wind Magazine

June 18, 2020

Recovery Systems Product Review – Second Wind Magazine Despite rapidly approaching his 50th birthday, our writer Alan Grant still has the competitive fires burning inside him and has an extensive program of bike races (and the odd triathlon) planned for 2017. But while his mind is still willing to race and train hard, he’d noticed…

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First of all, Recovery Systems is a concept rather than a product line, and it is our mission to improve the health, wellness and life quality of people of all walks of life with our Recovery Products and services.  This includes Athletes of all levels, recovery from short term and long term medical conditions and healthy aging.

It is fair to say recovery means different things to different people; if you hail from an endurance sports, athlete management, coaching or competition background, then you're in luck; faster recovery and gains await you. For others, recovery could be measured in terms of a return to healthy movement and quality of life.

The mission of our blogs is to feature tried, tested recovery methods, new modalities, and myth-busting some common misconceptions.

Learn more about the Recovery Systems experience and discover how it can benefit you right here.



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