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DOMS recovery after running

How to Recover From DOMS and Muscle Soreness Quickly

February 2, 2022

Do you feel proud when you have sore muscles after a workout? A sense of success or pride, perhaps? Post-workout muscle pain is a common reaction after training; that’s pretty normal; after all, training is a stimulus for change. But when the pain is at the point of being incapacitated for three days or more,…

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cycling recovery compression

Recovery for Cycling and Why Most Don’t Get It

March 9, 2021

Ask a cyclist how to get faster and most of them will talk about training harder, the latest bike/wheels/skinsuit but vary rarely will they talk about recovery after cycling. My observation in bike riding over 5 decades is that in General, Cyclists has been a very conservative group in adopting new trends and have often…

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Chat with Rob Dallimore

February 11, 2021

Watch our interview with Rob Dallimore from Foot Traffic Coaching

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Can Compression Recovery Enhance Your Performance? 

January 19, 2021

Compression garments have helped athletes accelerate recovery and enhance performance for over 70 years. But the gold medal question is, does Compression Recovery work? Today we discuss and compare both the benefits of static compression garments with Intermittent Pneumatic Compression. Benefits of Static Compression Garments: Snake Oil or Holy Water? Scientific studies have successfully proved…

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Courtney Duncan: 2 Times World WMX Champion and Recovery Systems Ambassador

November 23, 2020
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Recovery Tips For Endurance Athletes with Recovery Systems and Dougal Allan

November 9, 2020

Video Presentation recovery Tips for Endurance Athletes to #coasttocoast winner Dougal Allan’s Multisport Training Camp

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Parasympathetic Nervous System: Reset & Recovery

October 16, 2020

Parasympathetic nervous system. What is it and why is it so critical to your well-being? Coming right up. Stress has always been a factor for many people and no more so that in 2020, but in this article, I wanted to focus on the parasympathetic aspect and explain why that is so critical and how many things…

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Can Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Help Athletes Recover Faster?

October 6, 2020

The world of medicine is a fascinating one. However, the question is, could an inflatable balloon worn in the lower half of your body help prevent fluid retention in athletes and hasten the recovery process? Training makes you worse and recovery makes you better and locks in the hard-earned gains, so Recovery after exercise is…

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4 common Leg Swelling Conditions (fluid retention) and Their Treatment

September 30, 2020

Interview with Dr Paul Bell of Osteopathic Centre. 1. Diabetes Swelling the Causes and Treatment Coach Mike: let’s talk about diabetes and swelling/fluid retention in the legs related to diabetes and the treatment using natural remedies Dr. Paul: Well, I mean, the big thing obviously, the big problem, if you like, with diabetes is the…

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My Top 6 Tips to Maximize Performance!

September 12, 2020

Luck wasn’t on my side again. I went into this race feeling pumped and ready to go, but on the second lap of the bike lap, a dog suddenly ran in front of me. The road for cycling was very wet (it has been raining heavily the past 2 days prior to the race), and very narrow. I couldn’t stop in time and the only thing that went through my mind was I didn’t want to crash into it. So in a reflex action, I braked and also used my left foot to assist me to a halt. But it was a costly… it caused me to have a strain leading from my hamstring up to my glut and I had to pull out of the race.

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Ice Treatment News - The Ice age is over, the age of active compression has dawned.

Ice Treatment News – The Ice age is over!

September 9, 2020

Ice Treatment News – The Ice age is over, the age of active compression has dawned.

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