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A Great Inspiration for sports physical therapy is the 9 years I have spent Coaching

Athlete Compression for Recovery at the UCI World Champs Qualifier

June 18, 2020

Recovery Systems was super busy powering the athlete  recovery at the recent Tour de Bintan UCI world champs qualifier. Was great to have the age group winners and all riders that came in for a session report being remarkably fresh for the following stage of the 3 stage race, Fresher, Faster, Better to be exact. 

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Recovery Systems Product Review – Second Wind Magazine

June 18, 2020

Recovery Systems Product Review – Second Wind Magazine Despite rapidly approaching his 50th birthday, our writer Alan Grant still has the competitive fires burning inside him and has an extensive program of bike races (and the odd triathlon) planned for 2017. But while his mind is still willing to race and train hard, he’d noticed…

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Founder's Voice

How would you define Recovery?

Finding a firm definition for recovery has always been a question on my mind, especially having spent 20 years in Meditech, and 40 years as an endurance sport athlete and coach.

In reality, recovery is subjective for every person; much like music and art. In the case of someone plagued with excessive swelling — symptomatic of a vascular condition such as lymphedema, diabetes or DVT — recovery can mean a reduction in swelling, improved mobility and an overall enhancement in quality of life.

From a weekend warrior or world class athlete’s perspective, recovery would mean faster healing, resuming training after a significantly shorter resting time; and of course the magic of faster gains or improvements. In the end, great athletes understand this objectivity about recovery — it is only during this stage where the gains and improvements are made.

Our Recovery Systems product line has years of refinement invested for your benefit with cuffs available for treatment of the Legs, Hip and Glutes, Arms and Torso. Not only are battery powered variants of our cuffs available, we are also proud to highlight our Duo System — a world’s first in recovery options where two individuals can now share treatment simultaneously.

Here’s to your personal best, Bring on the Gains!

Michael Lyons,

Founder and CEO